Hospitality Marketing: Components of Promotion Assignment

Promotion is one of the main components of the marketing mix that connects all the efforts, involved in producing, promoting, and delivering a product or a service. Smart advertising is a key to gaining new customers, increasing sales, rising profits, and expanding business. In the hospitality market, advertising is vital since it provides intangible services, which a customer cannot see or touch in a supermarket. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to analyze and to suggest some improvements to a tourist destination advertisement found in print media. 

Target Market

An advertisement of tourist destinations published in Eastern Daily Press was chosen for this paper. The trips are organized by Diamond Holidays of Market Harborough. The advertisement, which was selected for the research, consists of three separate parts: Great Gardens of Cheshire, Sail with the Jubilee Flotilla Pageant, and Victoria Lakeside Discovery. Hence, each of the three parts will be described individually.

The target market for the first advertisement part (Great Gardens of Cheshire) is middle-aged people and, especially, older generation, who are fond of gardening. The trip has a botanic value for gardeners, who can enjoy looking at various kinds of plants. Moreover, the tour program is not particularly intensive. It includes visiting four gardens during three days. It is quite a relaxing, comfortable, and not tiring trip, which makes it a perfect choice for seniors. Furthermore, it is understandable that the advertisement is made for older people since it is placed in a newspaper. Young people do not tend to read a lot of newspapers nowadays.

Sail with the Jubilee Flotilla Pageant tour’s target market is aimed at middle-aged and senior males, who are interested in history. The tour is perfect for the chosen segment since it includes watching and participating in Jubilee Flotilla Pageant. Travelers can relax enjoying the exciting show and feel like a part of the history.

The target market of Victoria Lakeside Discovery advertisement is couples of all ages and families. This destination enables people quit crowded cities, enjoy nature, spend romantic time in peace and quiet, and visit some touristic sights as well.

Source and Date of Publication

The advertisement was published in a newspaper called Eastern Daily Press, Thursday, April 26, 2012, East Anglia, England.


The purpose of all three parts of the ad is informative and mildly persuasive. It gives brief information about the tour program, price, and contacts of the travel agency for more details or for booking the trip. The ad slightly persuades clients to go travelling with the company. However, it does not sound too annoying.

Among the specific objectives, positioning and creating an image were applied. The ad is positioned as a fantastic holiday destination for an affordable price. Pictures of the destinations are provided to help the clients visualizing the trip and to create a clear image at their minds. Mentioning the date of departure is intended to obtain immediate action from the clients; it stimulates to act immediately in order to make it on time before the departure date. The amount of objectives in the ad is appropriate and balanced. Thus, it does not confuse the target market.   

Message Content

Message content in the ad is based on rational type of appeal. There is no any emotional or moral appeal. The ad gives brief information on the touristic destinations providing enough details to visualize the trips clearly. There is an attractive headline, which says “Fantastic Value Holidays.” The headline emphasizes the target market, chosen for the ad – mainly middle-aged people and seniors. The target group is known for making choices based on rational thinking, rather than emotional. Thus, the type of appeal for this ad was chosen correctly.

Message Execution Style

The headline of the ad (“Fantastic Value Holidays”) is attractive to the segment, which was selected as the target market. It explains that the trips have good value for money. Middle-aged people and seniors are usually relatively rational. They do not tend to spend vast amounts of money, and they value decent quality and comfort.  

Delivering the message in the ad, the company chose a couple of different message execution styles: “slice of life”, “lifestyle”, “mood/image”, and “fantasy”. “Slice of life” execution style is used throughout the advertisement since it is down to earth. The trips are not luxurious; they do not require specific knowledge or skills. Therefore, the ad describes the adventures tours for typical average people. The second ad (Sail with the Jubilee Flotilla Pageant) also mentions that everyone can feel like a part of the history during the trip to show the link between modern people and events, which happened a long time ago.

The first part of the ad (Great Gardens of Cheshire) is connected to an every-day life, since it is a delightful adventure for garden lovers. The “lifestyle” execution style in the ad is applied at all three parts of the advertisement. Great Gardens of Cheshire trip promotes the lifestyle of a gardener. The lifestyle of a traveler, who enjoys interacting with nature far away from industrialized cities, is represented by the third part of the ad (Victorian Lakeside Discovery).

Furthermore, this ad represents the “mood/image” execution style since it attempts to appeal to different emotions and moods like relaxation, beauty, excitement from exploring new things, witnessing events, which happen once in a lifetime for a person. 

Layout and Design (Physical Design)

The advertisement and its headline have an eye-catching design. The ad is almost half a page size. Colors used for the ad are quite bright, but not unpleasantly striking. It has obvious borders, which separate the ad from the rest of the text. Thus, the ad is noticeable, and it attracts attention as soon as a person opens the page. The font is quite large; its color is a combination of black and dark blue that looks neat and moderate. Therefore, along with congruent layout, the chosen font makes it easy to read and comprehend by the target market. There are three well chosen pictures (one for each destination), which help to create a clear image about the trips.

However, prices and the amount of days in the ad are located in the way, which makes them hard to find. The blue-colored box is not easy to notice on the pictures, which have a lot of blue colors on them. It is one of the most crucial aspects for the customer, so not being able to find the price immediately might irritate and put off prospective clients. Thus, it decreases the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Suggestions and Conclusion

The ad works well for the target market of middle-aged people and seniors. All the components of promotion assignment are connected and consistent. It has the right source, since older generation prefers reading newspapers, where they can take their time to read and consider it carefully, rather than trying to follow quick ads on television or use the Internet. The purpose of the ad is followed precisely; it gives the information, positions the service, helps to create a clear image, and stimulates to book the trip. Rational message content, an attractive headline, and message execution style in the ad are suitable for advertising to older people.

Therefore, the effectiveness of the ad as a whole is rather high. However, the layout of the price and trip length section has to be slightly adjusted. It should be removed from the picture, and placed underneath the name of the trip, to the right from the departure date.