To tell you the truth, I like to cook some tasty things and treat my relatives and friends. Of course, I am not a professional cook, just an amateur. I like to cook different dishes, and many people admit that I am very good at preparing desserts. Oh, you should not think that I am boasting of my results, just visit me on any Sunday and, be sure, you would be treated to something unusual and delicious. I do not know how other people who are interested in cooking prepare something new, but I prefer experimenting. I would like to dwell on the last one.

Recently, I have read a book where one of the main heroes was telling about an outstanding and luxurious dessert which he had tasted while visiting Italy. He was talking about one of the most famous Italian desserts, tiramisu. I do not know what about you whether you have ever tasted it, but I have not. Surely, I can visit any Italian restaurant in order to taste it, but I have made up my mind to look for some information and to prepare it at home.

Do you know that tiramisu means ‘to pick somebody up or make somebody happy?’ Its meaning is directly connected with its ingredients that are very rich in cocoa and caffeine. According to some historical records, this dessert was prepared for the first time in Treviso, Italy, and was served for the elite only. Nowadays, there are a lot of different recipes, but I am going to tell about my own one in details. I have tried to prepare several variants of tiramisu, but I have had a feeling that something must be added or omitted. As a result, I have managed to create my own recipe that has met all my wishes and demands. In order to prepare tiramisu, you will need some peculiar ingredients.      

Ingredients: 500 g – sugar coated biscuits, known as the ladyfingers; 250 g – mascarpone cheese; 250 g – pasteurized cream; 4 – eggs; 90 g – sugar; 200 g – chocolate powder; 100 g – amaretto, an Italian liqueur with a flavor of almonds; 2 spoonfuls of instant coffee for making espresso.

While preparing it, you should keep in mind that tiramisu is considered to be a layered dessert which usually consists of three or four layers. To begin with, a glass plate should be taken. Sugar coated biscuits are supposed to be put into this plate. I like a glass plate as it is transparent and you can easily see all layers. Make a hot espresso in order to soak biscuits. However, take my advice, soak biscuits in the espresso just for a few seconds as they are very tender and can quickly turn into some bizarre substance. When the first layer is ready, the cream for tiramisu must be prepared. Egg yolks are mixed together with sugar and amaretto. It is better to mix them 5-10 minutes. Then, pasteurized cream and mascarpone cheese are added in small portions at the very end of the cream preparation. This mixture is spread over the espresso soaked biscuits. The next step is when the layer is topped with the chocolate powder, and I have got used to pouring a little bit of amaretto for the better taste. In the same way, other three or four layers are added. After finishing the preparation, tiramisu must be put into the fridge for at least a night.

The next day, a very tender and delicious tiramisu can be served with a cup of tea or coffee. I usually put a leaf of fresh mint and a cherry on each piece of tiramisu. All my guests and relatives are satisfied with this dessert, especially my father. He is constantly asking me to prepare tiramisu. I have to admit that I like my experiment very much as well. By all means, you should prepare tiramisu or try mine.