Implementing an Evidence Based Practice

a)      What are your recommendations for how a hospital/patient/client care setting could develop a system for facilitating evidence-based policies and procedures

It is critical for all hospitals to develop evidence based policies and procedures. When hospitals decide to use evidence based policies and procedures, they use the current best evidence collected from clinicians when they make their decisions regarding patient care. Hospitals should first consider finding the best evidence from sources such as research scientists and other health care practitioners. After this, the staff implementing the evidence based policies and procedures should consider critically evaluating the collected evidence (Oman et al, 2008). This will help identifying any weaknesses from the collected evidence. The staff should then consider integrating it with the preferences of patients and the clinical expertise. In my work place, the evidence-based policies implemented always match with patients requirements. It helps in increasing their level of satisfaction. The last step is applying the policies and procedures collected to the health care setting.  

b)      How would you go about making a change in practice that was based on evidence?

I will make a change in practice that was based on evidence by following this procedure. At first, I will identify a practice that needs to be changed. Some of the practices that need to be changed include nursing practices that use outdated technology. After this, a search of new evidence that fits the practice to be changed will be carried out. Research can be carried out from medical databases or expert opinion that may be given by clinical experts. The new evidence that will be applied should be evaluated systematically. One of the tools that can be used for the critical evaluation of evidence is the 6 level scheme that was developed by Stetler et al (Oman et al 2008). The new evidence to be applied should then be compared with the old practice. It will help in identifying whether the new evidence will bring positive changes to the old practice. After this, all the stakeholders who will be affected by the changed practice should review the new evidence that will be used to change the practice. The stakeholders should then give their suggestions regarding whether the new evidence will successfully change the old practice. In my workplace, every employee is given the opportunity of being involved in major policy changes. This has helped in improving the morale of all workers. The last step is implementing the change in policy considering the recommendations given by stakeholders.

c)      Which of the models for facilitating evidence-based practice discussed in Chapter 27 and in the Oman or Titler article may work in your setting? Explain.

The model that would work in my setting is the Iowa model explained in the article Translating Research into Practice that was written by Marita Titler. The first step of this model is selecting a topic for research. Examples of topics that can be used in research include cancer self-care management. The next step in the Iowa model is finding and analyzing the evidence collected. The evidence can be found from literatures written by scholars regarding nursing strategies and policies. The evidence should be critiqued in order to identify any weaknesses that may be present in the evidence presented (Titler 2007). After this step, the evidence to be used in a specific practice environment should be adapted. The next step is implementing the evidence-based practices. The last step of the Iowa model is evaluating how the new evidence affects patient care processes and all the outcomes. The reasons why the Iowa model will fit my work setting is because this model uses a variety of evidence. This will help in ascertaining that the management team of our health care facility selects the best evidence. In addition, this model focuses on improving patient care through evidence-based practices. Patients will therefore become satisfied with the quality of services that we offer them.

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