Junk mail can be defined as any type of mailing such as letter, catalog, postcard among others from agencies or companies with which one has not had any business relationships in the last twelve months and which one is not a current member or a customer. Junk e-mail can be defined as unsolicited e-mail that a person does not ask for and that is intended to sell or persuade one to buy something. In most cases, junk e-mail is sent as “A spam which is a single e-mail message broadcasted to thousands of unknowing recipients and is in most case anonymous such that one cannot write or e-mail back to the displayed address on the junk mail.”(Will 46).

Junk mails are in many cases an intrusion as they are bothering messages demanding reader’s immediate attention and at the same time trying to sell something that one does not want. There are many types of junk mails that end up in my address mostly from diverse businesses advertising all sorts of commodities and promotions. For instance, I am a young person and on my mail list there are junk mails about picnic sites and holiday resorts and in result, I am intrigued by many offers from different hotels and other holiday businesses. This implies  that, since I belong to this life stage(social role),it is a must that  I  be concerned with  the holiday and partying  events (altitude).

There are other junk mails advertising the sale of video players, televisions and other electronic items, which often flock my address. This implies that since I am a young person interested in electronic gadgets(social role),then I must be interested in buying the electronic equipment(Altitude).The mailing companies are in most cases not correct since they advertise on assumption that everyone is interested in their products and that they are potential customers. They send junk mails to thousands of people in a hope that they will be persuaded to buy the products. “It takes a lot of time to persuade a person to buy things through use of junk mail” (Geoff 83).

Given the tremendous high rate of frauds that occur through use of junk mails sent through the junk mails, many people are not willing to make any deals through this media. Thus, most of the junk mails are not making any positive appeals to the targeted customers, as most of the recipients including me are afraid of falling in hands of conmen who come up with frauds to steal people’s money through use of junk mails. Even if the services or products advertised are being offered at a reduced price of say 10%, I would still be reluctant to make any deals or to buy the products or services that are being advertised. I therefore thing this is not a good form of advertisement and it might even result in people rejecting the products themselves.

Many marketers through us of the junk mails have ignored and overlooked some of the major roles played by the advertisements. An advertisement is supposed to be appealing and very interesting to the target group thus making them interested in buying the service or product  being advertised; it should be not be seen as a nuisance and a big bother as in the case of junk mails. An advertisement should be clear and stress on the main benefits that will be accrued by buying the products or services. It should also arouse curiosity, be very informative and knowledgeable. This is not the case with junk mails, as many people do not spend even a single minute looking at the junk mails they are often seen as grievous messages and a big nuisance.