Target Population

Given that Haier Group in China has a larger market share in China. In order to successfully collect data that is required to complete this research work. In this study customers and marketers of the company will be targeted especially in the larger Chinese market. The study will focus more of the customers in Being and Shangahai. The customer will provide useful information regarding the how the quality and pricing fairness of the company’s product. On the other hand the company marketing department will be crucial in this research as it will provide the required information regarding the company’s overall marketing policies in the Chinese market.

Sampling Strategy

Probability sampling usually provides one of the most important sampling techniques that can be used in various research works. The probability sampling tends to give the entire population equal chance to be part of the research. This contributes greatly in making the research work successful. This research will be based on 1000 individuals. 80 percent of the respondents in this study will be customers while the remaining 20 percent will be marketing department personnel. The study will focus on the current marketing strategies that in use in the company and what need to be done to improve the strategies in use. This sample size is a fair representation of the targeted population in this study.

Data Analysis

Descriptive statistics will be used in the analysis of the data that will be collected in this study. Data that will be collected from the field is going to be coded and then put into a form that will be easy to analysis. The data will then be analyzed using descriptive statistic and later it will be presented in a summary form where by it will be summarized in a written report. From the data collected conclusions, inferences and recommendations will be drawn. The result from the data collected will be discussed in relation to the marketing strategies of the company in question and what need to be done in order to improve the company’s market share. From the analysis the required recommendations will be drawn to the company’s marketing department as well as the management on how to improve its marketing strategies in order for the company to increase its market share in the Chinese market. Upon implementations of the recommendations it is expected that the company will increase its market share in the Chinese market as well as meet customer satisfaction.

Expected Outcomes

 The study is expected to reveal the type of marketing strategies that are in use within the company. The study will reveal the pricing strategies that are used by the company in order to price its various products. The study is also expected to reveal packaging strategies that are employed by the company and how effective they are in winning customers for the company. The study is expected to reveal to which extent the various promotional strategies have succeeded in increasing the company market share in the Chinese market. The study will also reveal the market entry strategies that are in use within the company. The study will reveal the customer levels of satisfaction with the company range of products and what need to be done to meet the customer’s needs.

Summary of the Page

This research proposal is divided into three chapters. Chapter one has an abstract which provide a summary of the entire research and what is expected from the research. The next section in chapter one is the introduction part which talks about what the entire research will all be about. It introduces the subject of the study in details. It talks about the Haier company organization structure, market share within the Chinese market and what goals that the study expects to accomplish. Chapter one also has section on research question. This section provides questions that will guide the researcher in carrying out the study. These questions are to be used by the researcher in collecting data for this study. The chapter also has a section on research objectives. The section provides information regarding the objectives that are intended to be achieved by carrying out this research.

Chapter two of this research proposal contains information related to literature work that has been done by various scholars in the area of marketing strategies. This information is collected from various journals, books, case studies and marketing articles. This chapter provides vital information on the various strategies that are available in relation to marketing a given product. The chapter provides crucial information to the researcher in relation to the strategies that are in use by different companies in the Chinese market. The chapter provides the researcher with an overview of the literature in the field of marketing strategies. The chapter provides information that will help in drawing inferences and conclusion for this study.

Finally chapter three of the research proposal is related to the research methodology. The chapter contains information related to the methods that will be used to collect, analyze and report to the targeted audience the outcomes of the study. This chapter has section on research design which provides information on the research design method that will be employed in this study. The next section is on target pollution where by it provides information on the respondents who will provide data for the accomplishment of this study. The other section is on sampling design which provides information on sample size as well as sampling strategy that will be employed in this study. The next section in this chapter is on data collection, whereby it provides information regarding the data collection tools that will be used to collect the required data for this study. The final sections are on data analysis and the expected outcomes. These sections provides information on how the data collected will be analyzed and the expected outcomes of the study in question.