The core standard of this topic is to impact quality education to the learners. This will in turn foster creativity and critical thinking among the learners. One of the major educational goals is to ensure that knowledge in class is applied to different fields as learners get to come up with ways and solutions to minor problems.

The first five minutes of the lesson will be dedicated to the review of the previous lesson. The teacher will give simple addition problems, a topic that was covered during the previous lesson. This will enable the teacher to gauge if the learners understood what was taught in the previous topic. At this stage, the teacher will ensure active learning by the students by asking questions that they will be required to answer correctly. If the learners do not arrive at the correct answer then there is need for teacher intervention. If the learners answer the questions correctly then the teacher can swiftly move on to the new topic.

After the review of the previous topic it is then necessary to introduce the new topic. If the two topics are related then it is wise to show the learners the relationship between these two topics. Otherwise, the teacher can use practical examples to introduce the concept. For example: If Macy has three apples and gives one apple to his brother, how many apples will he left with?

The body carries the bulk of time in the lesson. Most of the content is also covered during this time. Within these minutes the teacher should make sure that the goals of the lesson are met. Here the teacher introduces the concepts as stated in the instructional objectives. In this lesson, the core content is the solving of mathematic problems involving subtraction.

The teacher will then introduce the number line and how it operates. The use of flash cards will come in handy. These flash cards will trigger the memory of the learners who are likely to remember the pictures seen from the flash cards. The teacher will need to give the students individual attention so as to note any student who is having difficulties with understanding.

The teacher will also introduce creative learning techniques such as use of song. This will enable the learners to memorize concepts and facts that accompany the lesson. The use of song is necessary since children learn best through song, dance and play. Hence, this technique will not only make the lesson interesting but will also capture the attention of the learners.

The last phase of the lesson is the conclusion which is done a few minutes to the end of the lesson. Formative evaluation is done at this level. Questions are asked so as to gauge the understanding of the topic. The learners will be required to work out a problem involving subtraction and pin it on the classroom notice board. This way the teacher will be able to evaluate if the instructional objectives have been met.

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