There are several key issues surrounding the rights of the Native, Hispanic, African and Asian Americans. They have rich histories and cultural heritage that has served as a foundation for preparing future generation.  These pertinent issues are varied and can be grouped into the following categories: school curricula, health disparities, pressure on Native American land, use of native symbols in sport and role of women/gender roles.

According to Sleeter & Grant (2010), School curricula are oriented towards the concept of gaining or retaining power by the majority. The issues of school curricula are becoming more pronounced in higher education as referred to by Allan bloom “The closing of American mind” where the argument centers on how higher education has failed democracy. This is evident in cross cultural assessment due to troubled historical relations between tribes and federal government (Estrin & Barber, 1995).

The social wellbeing determines the health of  communities living  in the United States(Head & Lathan, 2006). This creates the need for integrated approach to handle health disparities of the minority and underserved among the communities. Furthermore, the expansion of population of Euro-American has created pressure on lands since these emigrants hardly encounter natives. This has created a vague understanding of the problems facing the natives today. Therefore, the mistreatment and prejudice of the Natives may be broader than it is perceived as illustrated by Anderson (2006).

Additionally, the use of mascots in sports remain contentious issue in the United States is at times perceived as an offensive act of high level demeanor. In the general legal practice, it is a requirement that the public use of such human cryptogram is prohibited unless permission is granted prior to the publicity. Finally, the role of women was perceived to be those responsible for prosperity of the tribe.  In summary, interracial issues and relations concerning the rights of the Native Americans: the African Americans, Asian Americans and the Hispanic seem to be a more sophisticated issue that requires further research studies.