Among multidimensional approaches for news broadcasting, a nonprofit organization Wikileaks exposes realities of truth to the public. Wikileaks posts the publications from original sources and assures the reliability and truthfulness of the evidence provided. Granting anonymity, security, and innovation to volunteering writers around the world, the young organization has spread its network very quickly. Despite legal and political suppression, Wikileaks delivers the truth as a symbol of freedom of speech and media publishing defense, and universal access to the true historical facts.

Despite the good intentions, Wikileaks has always been the aim of attacks. One of the volunteer writers, Birgitta Jónsdóttir from The Guardian UK (2012), has indicated that exposing the United States soldiers firing at Baghdad civilians was legally challenging, as she had to defend herself at the court. Wikileaks had also provided the readers with a very different perspective, than did such famous news outlets as The New York Times, The Guardian, and Der Spiegel, regarding the Afghanistan War Logs, 2004–2009, which portrayed the most recent analysis of the situation to the fullest, says O’Loughlin, et. al. from Eurasian Geography and Economics (2010, p.473). Omitting the advantages Wikileaks brings to the readers, it is being put down by the press as a lying and breaking the law of privacy informational spread. For instance, The New York Times writer Ashlee Vance’s (2012, p. 2) indicates the availability of attacks on Wikileaks against the disclosure of true facts. She is supported by Slavoj %u017Di%u017Eek from London Review of Books (2012), who claims that Wikileaks had been reproached as a terrorist organization, which misbalances international relations (p. 2).

Concluding the advantages and disadvantages of Wikileaks, one has to evaluate the common good and the mass dynamics. The US government always seeks to suppress the performance of informational freedoms, as well as punish unwanted consequences of their actions by inventing false accusations, instead of agreeing with the course of history. Wikileaks is a reliable source for the readers, thus a dangerous concurrence for broadcasting news and journals, controlled by the frames put by the government.