New York City department stores deal in a wide-ranging array of merchandise for shoppers. Shoppers can select products which range from housewares, cosmetics to stylists accessories and fashions. Such department stores include Bednel’s, Bergdorf’s, and Barney’s. Though these stores deal with fairly the same merchandise, differences do exist. (Robert 38)

For Barney’s, shoppers fascinated in cutting edge style can shop here. The store deals with stylish merchandise in New York.  Bergdorf store offers its customers top quality fashions, accessories and housewares. The store is well branded for its characteristic high-end fashions and of late they have stretched their offerings to comprise items for affluent audience and the young. Established in 1896, Bendel’s serves as a cherished boutique offering youthful clothing. . It is known for showcasing new designers. (Robert 112) 

The best of all department stores is the Bergdorf’s. The store is structured with little boutiques by products. This makes shopping remarkably easy.   It has an extraordinarily wide variety of cosmetics, spacious stores and a lot of upcoming designers. The employees at this store are exceedingly friendly in terms   customer relations, trends, housekeeping and merchandise Barney’s seems to be the worst of all. Many customers complain of its high price tags and poor customer relation. (William 78)      

Bendel’s has presented the nutcracker theme this year. The images present are ballerina mannequins which have been decorated out in costumes. Inside the main entry, half dozen blue lit ballerinas suspend from the ceiling. The house keeping has been personalized with extremely helpful staff. The   merchandise present includes cuff bracelets and soaps. At Bergdorf’s there are elements of ancient maps, brightly colored galaxies, time machines, roman columns and flying horses. The merchandise available includes cosmetics selection, latest clothing and housewares. Images evident from the Barney’s include silver tinsel mannequin wearing hundreds of lily espresso cans. Unique Merchandise at Barney’s is astonishing shoes. There is also an excellent dining at the 9th floor.  (William 102)