Very often different office projects demand active team work and communication. For this reason, big office rooms for several employees have become very popular at different enterprises. Often a team needs to communicate in the course of work, so being in one room is rather convenient. However, individual tasks need intense concentration. That is why every worker needs to have a separate cubicle in an office room. In order to ensure convenience and productivity in such working environment, a number of ergonomic principles should be incorporated into the office design.

First of all, it is vital to ensure a correct posture of the workers. For this reason, every employee must be provided with fully adjustable ergonomic furniture. The disposition of a computer, a telephone and other needed devices should not distort a natural posture of a worker while fulfilling any task. The cubicles must not be crammed. Secondly, lighting is very important for avoiding sight disorders. All workplaces have to be situated near the wall without windows, as long as too bright and straight light may cause screen glare and distorted vision. Proper window shades and blinds may be also quite useful.

One more widespread problem of such office rooms is stale air due to big number of people. Air conditioning and ventilation should be used to provide a healthy environment. One more important factor is cleanness. Dust and mold should be regularly removed. If a project involves active communication between the colleagues, constant phone calls and active usage of printers and copiers, then a noise issue arises. The most silent versions of the office equipment should be maintained. Besides, headphones may be used in order to reduce noise.     

Considering the peculiarities of an office room with cubicles, not only physical environment, but working process organization should be taken into account. Regular pauses should be taken. The best way would be to spend breaks doing some physical exercises. Finally, according to Goggins (1999), friendly and peaceful atmosphere is the most important premise of success.