The development team of our group was inclined in adopting the construction technique of Netherlands after careful evaluation of the project’s intricacy and size. This view allows us the luxury of apportioning the project into different segments. This apportionment will assist us in attaining the three known construction constraints which include; Cost, Quality and Time

Our standpoint considering the nature of our project would be to make larger buildings ur starting point which typically need spending more money and time. Consequently, this would work to cut down labour costs and achieve cost and time. The ultimate purpose for making the large building a priority in our project is because it is the central component of our project and the major aspect that will lure potential investors to Swindon city. Funds could be yielded as the project progresses by permitting the major establishments such as the subsidiary retail and office premises to attain completion and also due to the fact that the project has a high probability of continuance for more than 12 years. However, this function would not hold, if this was a smaller project running for a lesser period.

Logistics Techniques

Application of the Material Logistic Plan(MLP) to aid as in the effective running and supervision of components in the phase involving construction was a strategic decision made by our team in order to guarantee negligible disruptions and logistic issues. The MLP will involve the supply chain, giving us the opportunity to make more accurate forecasts of the project expenditure and identify or cut down on unnecessary costs. Issues to do with transportation and logistics will solved and made more effective, with establishment of the new roundabout. Momentary transport plans have been put in place to make sure that the vans are always on the move to guarantee un-interruption of the normal work process.

Having in mind the project size, it is quite apparent that its material requirements would be huge. The application of Construction Consolidation Centres will work to hasten and increase performance of the supply chain and additionally assist in supervision and safe-guarding of such a huge quantity of material. The idea of Construction Consolidation Centres was established to cater for the construction site material supervision necessities particularly in demanding and hostile surroundings which is the case for the Swindon development. Being an operative supply chain administration choice, CCC allows guarantees safety and effective movement of material to the project from the supplier.

Planning Policies

The Federal Government requires a planning policy for any activity involving city development. This is according to the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act drafted in 2004. Therefore, in order for us to ensure the continuity of our project, it is necessary that we formulate a strategic and appropriate planning policy with the Swindon development project in mind. Through establishment of this policy plan this would ensure that implementation of the development plan. The implementation of the development plan will result to the creation of job opportunities for the community around, commercial facilities wil be made available to the surrounding community and ultimately there will be improvement in the living standards of the community around.

Material logistic Plans

In a project of this size, more than engineer, quantity surveyor and project managers will be needed. The material logistic plan will help us identify certain individual to be responsible for the ordering, delivering and storing of material to the site. The construction consolidation Centres will help with the proper management of the supply chain and equipment management.  Understanding and identifying material and equipment requirements, the size, quantity and types of materials which will be needed throughout the project should be collected be for the project commences will help minimise waste and maximise time.

A project of this magnitude will require the services of a project manager, a quantity surveyor and a few engineers. In the correct supervision of the supply chain and equipment administration the CCC will be best option for this task, while in identification of certain persons to oversee the storage, delivery and ordering of materials on-site, the material logistic plan would best serve this purpose. Comprehending and pinpointing equipment and material types, quantity, size and requirements will be vital, as this will be a done frequently all through the project. It will be prudent for us to sample up this information and before beginning the project to make the most of time and minimize waste.