The author of the book named Selected Essays – William Wallis – was born in Florida. He also wrote such well-known books as Warrant Glen and Hawk. The second one was William’s first book. It should be noted that Wallis always tried to stress the importance of an essay. He did this in his Selected Essays as well. This author always applied the essay as a convenient method to share any ideas with the readers and demonstrate one’s talent and creativity in writing. According to his point of view, an essay is the best and the easiest way of expression. The volume under consideration includes thirty essays. It contains eight sections. All of them will be useful for both students and teachers due to the author’s intellectual curiousness.

Annie is one of the essays included in Selected Essays. The narrator of this essay is a young artist who is describing his point of view upon the events going on around him. Thus, he gives information about Dutch Liberation Day, Hitler, different attitudes towards war and young artists’ life. The protagonist of the essay is not a person; it is the so-called notion of “Annie”. According to the author’s point of view, Annie is short for Angst, anguish and Aginbite of Inwit. These characteristics are common for the people from the narrator’s circle. In other words, “Annie” stands for a new generation of people who try to oppose German mirror. Everyone is eager to seem to be stronger than he/she is in reality. The narrator stresses that not everything he describes in the essay is true. In any case, he manages to describe the fears and behavior of those people who have seen the war and all the troubles connected with it. The essay is worth reading to learn more about the influences of war upon people. Moreover, the essay is accurately written and is easy to read.