The rationale for selecting the point on the importance of portraying the principle of integrity is that Marshall always focused on what was right while conducting his military operations. He did not focus on what the president wanted or what was popular. Principle of integrity applies in many situations in real life. Integrity helps people to observe moral values. It makes doctors to value the life of their patients when they offer them treatment. In addition, it makes countries to have good international relations since they respect the laws of other countries. Marshall also showed selflessness as he always focused on other people. He achieved satisfaction when members of his troops received proper training, preparation and good equipment. Selflessness is important in practical world as it contributes to the overall success of a community. Mandela accepted a 27-year imprisonment. so that South Africa could attain its independence from the apartheid rule. In addition, American soldiers sacrificed their lives by fighting terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq. Most of the commanders died while fighting terrorism in this country. Moreover, some of them became disabled while fighting terror. It proves that they only cared about the welfare of the American citizens while fighting the war on terror.

The rational for selecting the importance of a leader showing vision was that Marshall was always visionary while formulating strategies for battle. He saw it necessary for America to concentrate on the “Germany first” strategy if it wanted to become a superpower. He felt that if America failed to combat Germany, Germany would take over Europe and become a superpower. Successful leaders should have a clear vision that steer an organization to its goals. The reason that Apple succeeded in business world of techniques is that Steve Jobs always had a vision of manufacturing a computer that could fit on people’s palms. This vision came true when he has innovated the production plan of iPad and iPhone. Leaders should also consider practicing fairness while dealing with their servants. Marshall always observed fairness while recruiting and promoting officials in his troops. The rationale for selecting this point is to emphasize the importance of justice and fairness in the society. In my practice, I always observe fairness by treating all clients as equal. Due to this, majority of my customers are satisfied with the quality of services that I offer them. Judicial system should always practice fairness while deciding cases. The rich should not be favored when the court reaches its ruling. Transparency and equality will thus be achieved in the society. In our organization, fairness is also observed since workers are promoted after their work is appraised in order to ascertain their overall performance. Team-wok is thus attained in our organization. In addition, most workers are proud of being associated with our organization since we have a good brand as we practice fairness.