Diversity presuposes one’s understanding the fact that all human beings are unique and appreciating one another’s personal differences. It entails dealing with the process of tolerating one another’s differences and accepting the wealthy diversity dimensions within every person. There are various dimensions of diversity such as ethnic background, race, culture, age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, physical abilities and socio-economic status among others (UN Studies Association, 2010). This paper explores the cultural awareness of people working with the adults from diverse backgrounds.

My Choice

My choice of person is Donald Thompson, the current CEO of McDonald’s Corporation. McDonald’s is the worldwide leading chain of fast food restaurants that serves over sixty eight million clients a day in 120 nations. Its workforce is diverse and the company is committed to provide such working environment where everyone is respected and treated with dignity. However, managing diverse teams such as McDonald’s can be frustrating because of the cultural variations that can hinder effective teamwork. As a result, the leaders of such teams seeks to know how to solve conflicts caused by diversity and empower employees to work together. Thompson has served McDonald’s in several capacities before being appointed the corporation’s CEO. For instance, he has been the President, the Chief Operating Officer of the company and the Head of National Marketing of the United States business of McDonald’s Corp among others (Mcdonald’s Corp, 2012). It is because he was occuping these positions that he has been able to work together with employees from various cultural backgrounds. Therefore, his cultural awareness can be said to be excellent.

Stage of Banks Typology of Cultural Identity Where Thompson Corresponds

According to Banks (2009), there are six stages of cultural identity i.e. stage 1- Cultural Psychological Captivity, stage 2- Cultural Encapsulation, stage 3- Ethnic Identity Clarification, stage 4- Biculturalism, stage 5- Multiculturalism and Reflective Nationalism, and stage 6- Globalism and Global Competency. I think Thompson corresponds to stage 5, because he positively treats the representatives of the other cultural groups and easily identifies himself with them.

How It Affects His Interactions With Diverse Groups

Thompson’s ability to identify with people of different cultures has enhanced his interaction with them, making it easier for him as a leader to bring McDonald’s diverse workforce to work together, to be a team and to achieve the goals set by the company.