First thoughts

On reaching the scene and seeing what has happened, the first thought that would come to my mind is that the white powder was to be used as letter-bombs. I will think that the letter bomb was to be directed at the day care which was just adjacent. I would justify this thought due to the fact that since the day care has many people inside, the owner of the bottles would have envelopes that would use them to address the people at the day care and therefore they had the white powder in the bottles that would be used to make these bombs. White powder attacks have been experienced in the recent past; the white powder contains deadly anthrax germs that cause attacks to the recipients (Noone, & Yonah, 1997). White powder anthrax attacks cannot be overruled in this scenario.

My other thought is that the owner of the bottles wanted to go the gas station and add some reactants to the powder to make it more deadly. He was headed to the gas station so that they can borrow the gas from the gas station attendants. With this in mind, there is high likelihood that is the case. With the presence of the day care, and the fact that terrorists target large number of people, this should not be overruled.

Actions to be taken

The first action I would probably take is to mark the area and declare it insecure and no one should go near the scene. This will reduce any chances of accidents or damages on the scene. The white powder should be deactivated so that any person who is not in the know will be safe if they accidentally come across the white powder.

The second action I will take is to contact the relevant security agencies. I will contact the nearest police station so that all the stations are aware of the suspicion. I will also make sure that the local community policing personnel are on the know. This will ensure that the local community does not take any risks that might risk their safety (Great Britain, Parliament, House of Commons, Home affairs committee, 2005). There will be no need to get to the police and leave the local people unattended. For safety to be securely achieved there is need to have the vicinity area carefully quarantined. There have been bombs that blasted in the blast and yet they could have been avoided. This has been caused by the carelessness of the people involved.

Further actions

I will get the people to man the area so that they secure the place from access. This will be effected in such a way that there are people who will go on telling everyone of what has just happened and tell them the suspicion that we have. Although there will be no confirmation, it will be in order when the people are told of what is happening. I will then make sure that the police get bomb experts to confirm the fears. The police are, by default, able to get the details of the white powder in terms of the chemicals that are in there. It is therefore imperative that they have the tools to measure this.

The last action that I will think of is to make sure that the suspect is brought to book. There should be other police giving the suspect a chase. I highly suspect that the young man, if the information of the car driver is anything to go by, is a terrorist or even a suicide bomber who was out to wreck havoc to the community (Noone, & Yonah, 1997). The Interpol should also be brought to picture so that if the young man escapes the search of the police, they can get hold of him in the border.