T- Mobile is, at present, the fourth largest mobile network operator in the USA. It also serves the Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands populations. The founding of T–Mobile dates back in 1994. This was at the same time when VoiceStream Wireless PCS was established. Voice Stream Wireless PCS is a subsidiary of Western Wireless Corporation. In 1999, Voice Stream Wireless changed to Voice Stream Corporation after the ownership being given to the shareholders. Voice Stream Wireless Corporations was renamed to T-mobile USA Inc. in 2002. T-Mobile International AG is the operating entity of T-Mobile USA Inc. and is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile, 2002).

AT&T Incorporation

AT&T Inc. was founded by Alexander Graham Bell, Gardiner Greene Hubbard and Thomas Sanders back in 1876. This was after the trio came up with the telephone. The foundation of the company started back in 1876 when the trio formed the Bell Telephone Company. The name was later changed to National Bell Company in 1879 and later, in the same year, it was changed to American Bell Telephone Company. The company carried out expansions to reach more market population groups. This made the company to have long distance telephone lines. This project led to the incorporation of American Telephone And Telegraphs Company in 1885. This company was able to spread to other regions within America. In the twentieth century, the company enjoyed the monopoly in the telecommunications sector. AT&T was rocked by several setbacks in 1990’s after a series of failed acquisitions. The company was letter acquired by SBC Communications and the name changed immediately to AT&T Inc. in 2005. Currently, AT&T Inc. is among the leading telecommunication giants in the United States of America (AT&T, 2012).

Verizon Communications Incorporation

The formation of Verizon Communications Inc. was after The GTE and Bell Atlantic merger. As the name suggests it is a brand formed after fusing the words Veritas and Horizon. The merger of the two companies took place on April 4, 2000 in which Verizon Wireless was formed. However, the name was changed in June 2000 to Verizon Communications Inc. The merger that took place later on between Bell Atlantic and Vodafone Air Touch PLC is what made the brand name of Verizon. Verizon is a constituent of Dow Jones Industrial Average. Currently, the company is following network-based corporate units that include the Verizon wireless unit, Verizon landline segment unit and Verizon business unit. Verizon began trading in the New York stock exchange in 2000. In 2006, Verizon acquired MCI Inc. that was a former rival company. Currently Verizon is the leading telecommunications company in the United States of America (Verizon Communications, 2005).


Cleyson Brown is credited as the founder of Sprint in 1899. The companies’ beginnings can be traced back to the Southern Pacific Communications cooperation that was a subsidiary to the Southern Pacific Railroad. Brown formed the Brown Telephone Company. The company changed its name in 1942 to United Utilities and again in 1972 to United Telecommunications. This was at the time when Brown Telephone Company competed with the monopoly in communication with Bell. The company grew due to its aggressive marketing strategies to become the largest independent telephone company. Sprint also took advantage in investing in the fibre optic network in 1980’s, hence became a giant in the communications industry. The Sprint Corporation was formed in 1992 after the merger between GTE Sprint and United Telecommunications. Another merger again took place between Sprint Corporation and Nextel leading to the formation of Sprint-Nextel Corporation in 2005. The merger made it to become the third largest telecommunications giant in United States of America (Sprint Corporation, 2012).

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