The expansion of a project in the aim of developing the business idea is a major aspect as it involves major adjustments. Considering that the company is focused on building oil reserves then there has to be many limitations when the company is willing to invest in other countries.  Due to past experiences it is clear that other countries’ laws may hinder the expansion of the company and investment in other locations thus, one has to carefully study the laws that are being observed in South America (Harding, 2010). South America is a good area of investment as the environment has been in encouraging the activity in many areas where the availability of oil is quite evident.  However, there have been some adjustments in the field due to the political changes that have been occurring in the country. The political changes have affected the environmental laws that were in place the years before.  The environmental laws were not as strict but given time the laws have grown tighter and the opportunities of exploiting the lands are quite minimal.

The Legal Procedures

The opportunities that the new laws will present will revolve around the concept of protection of the landscape. The laws are developed by the E- LAW (Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide).  Considering the diversity of the land, this will prevent any cases of unlawful mining or causing damage to the eco system in the country (King, 2010).  South America is a country where the activity of oil mining has been taking place for quite a long time due to availability of resources. Hence, the company is likely to find a well built market in the country. There are the groups such as Argentine Oil, Venezuela Oil that have been thriving in the business for quite a long time.

As much as this will provide mining opportunities in the country, there will also be the risks of causing harm to the natural environment.  Other states such as Venezuela have barred foreign investments in the city. Therefore, the company should consult with the ELAW department to make sure that they can explore the market on legal grounds.