Emotional intelligence is based on the concept that there is power in a person’s emotions that when tapped can be used efficiently and accurately. Emotional intelligence exists within inherent abilities such as the perception, the understanding and the management of emotions. The ability to consider these aspects when analyzing, in a discriminate fashion, one’s own and the emotion of other people underscores the mastery of emotional intelligence. Salovey and Grewal (2005), provide a four branch model that characterizes various aspect of emotional intelligence. The first branch is the ability to read emotions from “faces, pictures, voices and cultural artifacts. The second aspect involves directing emotions towards the optimization of processes such as thinking and finding solutions to problems. The third aspect constitutes the ability to understand various aspects of emotions including minute variations. The third branch addresses the ability to manage and maintain balance between positive and negative emotions objectively. Emotional intelligence has various forms of metrics. One method which is not very reliable is where characteristics form the aspect of consideration. The most accurate method is the Mayer- Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence. Studies have established that knowledge of emotional intelligence can lead to success in career and life in general.


As outlined emotional intelligence can actually be an area of great potential. The ability to conquer a person’s emotions can be a great asset even in the absence of some of the benefits outlined. This is because emotions are usually considered irrational and more often that not impede logical and critical thinking. Surprisingly, this apparent impediment can be tapped and turned into a strong point. The ability to manage one’s emotions, use the same emotions to find solutions an the ability to read even slight variations in emotions, outlines a high degree of composure and harmony. When a person is composed and there is harmony, then this gives room for creativity, rational thinking and innovation.

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