The Thirty Years War, which wrapped Europe from 1618-1648, was one of the most disparaging conflicts in the history of Europe. The war was primarily between Germany and other European countries. Marine warfare between the countries spread the war to Asia, South America, and Africa and then shaped the colonial structure of the future nations. The origin of the conflict was not a single cause; in fact, it mainly started as a civil war between the Catholics and the Protestants in the Holy Roman Empire. However, the internal political disputes and the imbalance of power also played a significant role in causing the war. (Lee 56)

If we compare the recent wars, including the Civil War in Lebanon, The Iran-Iraq war, the Israeli wars surrounding the Arab states and the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, we can conclude that the current situation is somewhat similar to that of the Thirty Years War and has its religious roots and old acrimony, which includes the control of natural resources and the balance of power.

However, critics say that the reason for Iraq and Afghan wars is primarily the invasion of the United States and its allies. But, the US government has something else to say: the reason of invasion was to destroy the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The primary cause of the Thirty Year War was religious, and the fight was between the Catholics and Protestants, whereas the recent wars are not considered to be fought on religious basis (Gordon 87).

An important factor of the Thirty Years War was the civil war, which was started between common men of the same country, that is Germany, but in the recent wars there was no fight between the citizens of the same nation; the wars began with foreign invasion.

Hence, when these developing nations will rise against foreign invasion, form their supporting groups of friendly neighbouring nations the day is not far, when the West will be targeted by them, and, as predicted by some critics, that would be the verge of the “New Thirty Years War”.

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