The relationship between the United States and Mexico in the mid 1840s was strained. The United States was determined to take Texas into possession, which was against the Mexican’s will. According to the Mexicans, it was extreme for the Americans to annex Texas. The Americans imposed colonial power in order to seize nations to expand their territory. It took undisputed power over states such as Texas, Nevada, California, and Utah. Some areas of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Wyoming also became part of America’s territory. It led to significant expansion of the American territory. The American imperialists were finally in charge of a vast territory.

America’s possession of these lands granted an opportunity of gaining access to the resources. Most of the invaded nations were rich especially in Agricultural farms. The Americans needed labor in order to work on these resources. Therefore, slave trade began under the colonial masters. The slaves aided in compelling productivity in the American territory. Apart from gaining a vast territory, the colonials also realized commerce and agricultural productivity. They actively involved human labor. The Americans also benefited from the Mexican war because it served as a training ground for their officers. It prepared them for the civil war and served as a significant waypoint for a developing nation in military enforcement.

Industrially, America had become a giant producer, but it was still a diminutive nation. As a result, its products were not wholly consumed by their citizens. Therefore, they had to seek foreign consumers. The imperialist foreign policy adapted by the Americans inhibited their inconsistency in the international trade. They could deliver their products to their subjects. Still, the US acquired the ships it needed to protect its rights and prestige as a nation. The imperial power empowered America as intended by the advocates of a powerful US. The increment of their production enhanced their gain for new markets overseas. The US annexed the islands such as Hawaii. Americans gained markets and resources from the industrialized states especially in Mexico.

The Americans gained authoritative power during the imperial era over their subjects. Their army had become strong and served as the arm of the government. They had become a powerful nation thus; they Christianized their subjects. They advocated for their religion, which was termed as the best. Through the missionary trips, the Americans were able to study a nation’s climate for agriculture. The American government proved their physical strength over other states. America had become a powerful nation and many states were under the influence of their power. Significant cooperation from the citizens in adhering to the law was realized. Under the power, colonels, captains, soldiers, and corporals carried out their damnable business against their common sense and consciences. It maintained peace in the territory because objection from any corner would lead to injurious productivity. They were all peaceably inclined and they loyally served the nation.

During the imperial era, the American government acquired significant growth and development. It was greatly fuelled by imperialism that motivated the colonials to rely on human power for services. The cohort of men, who consisted of standing army and militia, jailers, constables, posse committals worked like machines with their bodies to realize effectiveness. Still, machines such as rotating turrets and powerful shells were invented and implemented.  Thoreau’s philosophical work advocates for freedom, independence, and justice, which can be compelled by a good government. His work would motivate people in today’s world to repel tyranny from the civil government. Thoreau’s work urges leaders to serve the state with their consciences. It enhances their moral stand in delivering justice among the citizens. His philosophical work presses on to challenge citizens who adhere to unjust laws waiting to convince the majority in order to amend those laws. The majority rule does not prove that the law is just and fair. Therefore, Thoreau advocates for fight to gain freedom and justice among citizens under tyranny.