The Vietnam is a war that took place between 1959 and 1975. It was between nationalist forces who wanted to build a united Vietnam which could see the uniting of south and North Vietnam and the South Vietnamese who were backed by the Americans. The Americans had come into the war with an aim of inhibiting the spread of communism. However, there were wars and conflicts way before the Vietnam War.  The French had decided to withdraw from the both south and North Vietnam after they had suffered a defeat. The United Nations plan was to hold an election after that which would provide a single government which would be in charge of both parts of the country. However, America feared that the north would produce a victor which to them translated to communism taking the lead. Because of this, America supported the north and ensured that elections took place on the south. The leader who was elected was supported by Americans but soon lost support due to bad governance which led to his assassination some years later.

The leader had oppressed South Vietnamese during his tenure which elicited violence from sympathizers of North Vietnam. This lead to the eruption of violence as the sympathizers tried to fight the South Vietnamese with an aim of uniting the two divided parts of the country. The rebellious group called themselves the Viet Cong. A win for the Viet Cong translated to a win for communists hence America set in to help the South Vietnam forces fight the Viet Cong. This led to the Americanization of the Vietnam War by President Johnson as he was the one who gave orders to the military (

The presence of the US military in Vietnam continued over time and the troops increased with time offering training, weapons and physical support to the South Vietnamese fighters (dummies .com). The policy of Americanization was brought forward by President Richard Nixon. Vietnamization referred to a policy where the Southern Vietnam forces were left alone to deal with the Viet Cong after the withdrawal of the American forces from Vietnam. The withdrawal commenced in the year 1961 and went on until the year 1971 when there was complete withdrawal from the Vietnam soil. Vietnamization was as political as it was tactical. Vietnam War was strongly opposed by American people hence Nixon had a great challenge of ending the war.

The peace talks

A major step towards peace was reached at the peace talks. North Vietnam was to cease attacks on the South Vietnams as long as the US stopped providing aid to the southern Vietnam forces. This finally came to be in the year 1973 when there was ceasefire. There are numerous legacies of the US defeat in Vietnam. The us did not expect to lose in such a minor war as it had fought major wars before. It considered the Viet Cong inferior to them but they were disappointed during the war which led to their withdrawal ( Bechert). The US learnt that they had to employ modern and different war tactics for specific battles. The US was now more cautious when venturing into wars and had to access the situation so as to avoid costs since the Vietnam War was one of the most expensive wars to the USA (Centre for social studies education).

Conservative in US politics refers to the preservation of the current order of doing things and culture in a country (The Free Dictionary). The resurgence of conservativeness in US politics and culture occurred between the 1970s and 1980s.  The American society had ex the American society had existence major disappointments from the governments and presidents since the 1960s. This caused their declining confidence in the governments. With the republican coming into power during the 1970s and 1980s, conservativeness re emergerged as a means of politicking and also as a way of doing things and also culture in the United States. President Reagan was a strong supporter of conservative movement. He strived to empower the people both economically and socially. The tough economic times had left the American people devastated and needed aid from the government.

The previous administrations had imposed heavy taxes on the public and also spent the public money on non development issues such as the war in Vietnam. President Reagan saw the reduction of taxes. This reduced the taxation burden on the people to a large extent.  The Reagan administration also oversaw the increase of government spending on the country and also used the deregulation policy. The deregulation policy was a move by the government to roll back communism and its effects.The conservative resurgence was also supported by Carter and Bush. Carter used religion as a means of drumming up support from the public.  Conservatives advocate for moral and ethics which is a major element in religion. He like Reagan and claimed to speak for the minority that is the average Americans. The public had a hard time in trying to make ends meet and carter and Reagan gave them hope.