These eyes. These deep black eyes. They can be compared with the deep waters, which you have never seen before. Their beauty lures you to come close, to enjoy them, to dive in deeply in order to reach the bottom and find out the answer to the question, ‘What is there? At the bottom?’

I have been looking into these deep black eyes for almost a half of my life. I wake up every morning, look at my dear Sophie and wait patiently when she opens her deep black eyes. I like this feeling of drowning in them whenever my wife watches me. When I saw these eyes for the first time, I simply drowned in them. I have to admit, it was the unforgettable feeling. It seemed that I managed to get to the bottom and disclose the mystery hidden deep in them. I could not imagine that these deep black eyes would be the only hope and love of my life.

To be honest, my real life started when I saw a small piece of paper floating in the water. It was a photo of a girl with mysterious deep black eyes. To tell you the truth, I could have never thought that this photo and the girl would influence my entire life. I think that this photo taken from the water was the chance given to me by the destiny or any other powers. So, I want to tell you the story of this photo, my life, and the girl with deep black eyes.

I was born in Petersville, Alaska. This town is situated at the territory of Danali National Park. Oh, how beautiful it is in summer! Every season, there are many tourists who are coming from different parts of our country and the whole world to enjoy the divine nature. To tell you the truth, all these things, our park with all its magnitude and beauty, our splendid town, and our open-hearted people, will get into your heart and stay there forever.

My family has been living in Petersville for more than forty years. My father was a fisher, and my mother got a small shop where she got used to sell different hand-made little things. I helped my father with fishing since my childhood. It was my father who taught me to work hard and to be patient, as well as persistent in order to get something in this life.

The first meeting with the deep black eyes

Every day, with the first rays of the sun, we went fishing. You know, this kind of work is rather exhausting and difficult, and every minute can turn out to be either failure or luck. As a rule, we spent the whole day in the creek, and on our way home, I used standing on board of the boat and staring at the sunset or deep black waters beneath. Looking into these deep black waters, I became calm and peaceful. I always was eager to know, ‘What is there, at the bottom?’At that very moment, I saw something strange floating in the water. I asked my father to stop the boat to get it out. As it turned out, it was a photo of a girl. I do not know how but the water failed to spoil it, and I could see a charming, minute creature with enormous deep black eyes. At first glance, the girl looked rather ordinary, but when you looked into her deep black eyes, it was difficult to find right words to describe them. You know, it seems that the eyes of a real angel are looking at you. On the opposite side of the photo, there was an inscription ‘Washington.With love from S.’

Up to that very moment, I led a steady life, but this photo turned my life upside down. Maybe, it sounds bizarre, but I fell in love with this girl from the photo. I could stop thinking about her and these deep black eyes. So, I decided that as soon as I finished school, I would leave my parents, native town, as well as all my former dreams and would go to Washington in order to try to find these blackeyes somewhere in it. I knew that my parents, to be more concrete, my father, wanted me to go on our family business. But, one evening, during our family supper, I started the conversation.

‘Father, I have been thinking for a long time. I want to change something in my life. I have decided to move to a big city? Would you mind my doing this?’ There was a long pause. I saw the expression on my mother’s face. She knew that it would happen someday, but my father went on eating. I had never seen his face look like a grey cloudy sky. It seemed that he was somewhere away at that moment and failed to hear me. ‘So, if it is your decision. May it be so! Mother and I would not stay on your way. I always think that it is a good idea to try something new. We all do need some changes to perceive what was, is or will be important for us in our life. When are you going to leave? Tomorrow? Great! Thank you!’ My father left the room and went upstairs.

My mother went on looking at me and said, ‘I knew that this day would come. But, it is difficult for father to accept it. Do not take it too close to your heart, I mean tomorrow’s day. He has said it not thinking over. Everything will be nice. Go to bed!’ I went to my room not telling a word, except for, ‘Good night!’ I failed to sleep that night. On the one hand, I was very glad that I could do what I was really aiming for. And, on the other hand, I felt sorry for making my parents upset. Now, after many years have passed, I understand my father. He did not want his only son to leave him, and my mother did feel that the real reason of my sudden departure and changed plans was hidden from them. I do not know why I did not tell my parents about the photo and my hope of finding the girl with deep black eyes. 

How naïve I was when I thought that I would find these deep black eyes in the big city. Hope, you know that feeling when you realize that the whole world is open for you only and that everything is possible. At first, I must admit, it was rather difficult to cope with all problems, but my persistence was enormous. I worked and studied at the college, and with time, I got a decent job at Marriott Hotels & Resorts. One of my friends helped me to find a small flat, which was situated not far from the park, as I always wanted to have. The park was huge and magnificent for such a big city as Washington. It had a peculiar feature of its own that I liked most of all. It was full of many tiny places where you could go and hide from the busy and irritating world. I got used to come to one place on Fridays, not paying attention to the weather, the season, or my spirits. I should confess I did it oftener and oftener as minutes, days, months, and years were passing, but I did fail to find the girl from the photo. Each time a narrow path led me to my secret place where I could forget about everything and concentrated on the faded piece of paper from which the deep black eyes were looking at me.

The acquintanceship with Sophie 

One Friday, I escaped from my work and hurried to my secret spot. You cannot even imagine my anger when I saw an intruder, if I may say so. A minute creature was sitting on my favorite stone and watching the sunset. She heard my steps and rose up quickly. Her eyes, her deep black eyes, they did really astound me. Looking into these deep black eyes, I forgot about my anger, about this place, about real world… I was not able to tell a word for the first time in my life.

It was she who broke the silence – ‘How do you do? My name is Sophie.’ ‘Hi, my name is…My name is Kris.’ I replied. In such a way, our conversation and relationship started. Every minute I spent with Sophie, I opened something new for me. She was only twenty-two, but she knew a lot of things I had never heard of before. Instead of listening to her, I liked watching her eyes, and it was difficult for me to comprehend reality. It turned out that she was brought up by the granny as her parents got in to the car crash many years ago when she was just fifteen.

Surely, you want to know about the way of the photo having got in the water. You may believe or not, but her granny brought Sophie to Petersville so as to cure her grief. When they were about to leave, Sophie just threw her photo into the water hoping that it would float to the dearest family in her life.

The destiny has changed the float…

The photo that had been supposed to be brought to the past family was directed to the new one.

It was a real miracle. I looked into her deep black eyes and saw the depth of those waters that had brought them to me. At that moment, I managed to reach the bottom of these charming deep black eyes. I managed to find a mystery that was hidden there – it was LOVE.

Each day of my life, I thank destiny, parents, her granny, the waters of the creek, the small spot in the park, the old photo that is always with me for these deep black eyes.

These deep black eyes of my Sophie. These deep black eyes. These eyes…