Performance art exists in various forms and can be observed in any sphere of life. The author focuses on defining this unique kind of art in the article; however, there is not a clear line that would distinguish performance art from other forms (Chayka, 2011). Thus, the main aim of this paper is to comprehend this phenomenon and provide my own thought on the topic.

I believe that one of the most important features of performance art is that it is aimed at short time bright performance, not the result that can be kept and admired for years. Its main purpose is to evoke feelings and thoughts in viewers after witnessing a piece of performance art. Individual perception and understanding of the idea is the only results that stay in people’s minds from this form of art. Undoubtedly, performance art requires a certain artistic state of mind of the performer, although, it does not mean that any artist can be a subject to performance art. Moreover, some people can claim living their whole lives in the performance art style; however, the peculiarity of the art is that the action has to have a hidden symbolic meaning that provokes deeper thoughts. It is absolutely not similar to unreasonable actions of some attention seekers.

Even though some artists tried to restage their performances, I am convinced that genuine performance art cannot be reacted. It has to be performed only once. Otherwise, it turns from performance art into a general form of art like theater or visual art. Performance art can be preserved only documentarily as a picture, video, or textual evidence of the act that happened only once. 

Therefore, performance art is a peculiar form of expressing artists’ ideas that must not be confused with traditional forms of art. Its existence is based on carrying a special meaning and bringing unique emotions and feeling to the audience if there is any.