As a college student, you probably do not live on a grand scale, do you? When summer comes, many students realize they are short of funds and probably will not receive money until the next semester starts. But of course, you’re going to need money for your summer holidays. You want to travel, give presents to your nearest and dearest, and get some new stuff for yourself. You may still have to pay rent and buy food yourself, without any help from your family.

So is there any way you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest having little cash to spend? Of course!

Check out these tips on saving money during the summer holidays from

  • Organize home parties

Instead of going to a night club, amusement park, restaurant or the like, just bring the party to your home. Invite your friends, ask everybody to bring a dish (or cook yourself), think over the games and activities and enjoy the party!! This is so much cheaper than going out, yet it may turn out much more fun.

  • Create hand-made gifts

Cards, smart phone covers, photo albums, or just a nice photo in a bright frame will make a great present that has a personal touch to it and will be highly valued by the receiver.

  • Work out for free

Summer is perfect time to get in shape, but what if you can’t afford a gym membership? Work out at home! You can find dozens of videos and countless tips on dieting and exercising online, and they are no less effective.

  • Set a spending limit

Decide on how much you can afford to spend per week and make sure you stick to this limit. In a month you will see it allows you to save a substantial amount of money. Plus such a technique teaches you to spend wisely and stay on budget when necessary – which is a rather valuable skill.

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