Great writing is a skill that lots of people dream about. Few get it as a gift of nature, so most of the time people have to work on it. How to do it? This list has nothing to do with techniques, but nevertheless, it will assist you greatly.

Creative Writing Ideas

  1. Know thyself. Spend some time to write down your thoughts on a piece of paper. Think what gives you thrills, think about your wild side and then define your fears. What makes you feel better? Fears or thrills? Fears are all in your head, while the world around you is thrillingly real.

  2. Say “yes” to an opportunity. Do you know why people miss their greatest opportunities? Because they simply don’t notice them. Therefore, you should be strong both physically and mentally to reach that energy level that will correspond with new opportunities you’ll be able to notice.

  3. Learn something new. Try something new. Even if it’s completely insane, like creating an army of little figures from potatoes. You never know what exactly will give you the inspiration that you will use in your writing.

  4. Do something that makes your palms sweat. Not the first thing that comes to mind when answering the question “how to become a better writer?”, but it helps! It gives you new experiences that you can write about. Are you afraid of the height? Go bungee jumping! Afraid of public speaking? Go to a busy street and express your opinion. Your fear will be transmuted into the life experience that you can talk about.

  5. Go backstage. We all know what’s going on at the stage. But what about the stuff hidden behind the scenes? Go and check, go backstage everywhere. The worst thing that can happen to you is that somebody will notice you. In this case, make a dumb face, apologize, and leave. Going backstage will help you get a glimpse of something that you haven’t witnessed before.

As you see, all of these tips are aimed at throwing you out of your comfort zone to get new experiences, which bring real authenticity to your writing. That will give a true motivation to write and a serious advantage over the couch potato writers.

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