Life is usually a busy thing, especially a life of a college student. Curriculum, campus, libraries, part-time jobs, student parties – you are a newcomer in this bright college world, so it’s urgent to find a way how not to go nuts balancing between the serious stuff you need to study and the things you want to do. I’ll tell you what – you will handle it with little stress after you go through these tips how to find balance.


Determine all your priorities in college. Sort out your daily assignments according to their importance and priority.

Managing your time

You should control how much time you spend on various activities, and take breaks when you start to feel that you are not efficient any more – just switch to something else. Time management is a perfect key to a very vital skill how to study and have fun.

Distribute your time in a way that you can devote it to your studying, books, part-time jobs if you have such, and socializing with your college friends.

Learn How to Say “No”

Saying “No” is a quite important technique to save your time and do the things you’ve planned to do. Say “No” if you feel you’re partying too much, or if your friends try to make you do all the work on your project.

Get Ready to Sacrifice

No matter how perfect your time schedule is, there’s always a chance for force majeure where you’ll have to make your choices and sacrifice some stuff. If you have an important final tomorrow and planned to go to a party the night before, you’ll sacrifice your time there, because it is a risk to fail your exam. Consider all the opportunities to make up for it.

Finding a balance between fun and knowledge is a challenge, we know. But once you accept that and try to combine your rest and work, you’ll see how easy it is to become successful. College life is not all about studying, and it is not all about partying all night long. It’s somewhere in the middle.

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