The excitement of college students-to-be may be somewhat clouded by small worries and a whole lot of things to do and prepare before they move to campus. No wonder they are often taken aback by loads of items to buy and heaps of things to plan and learn.

Check out this list of things you should do before starting college from to facilitate the process:

1. Make a budget. College is where you just have to make your own budget – without anyone’s help. You should know the average amount of money you can spend per month, how much you are going to spend on food and basic needs and school-related things. Will you need a job? Will your parents be able to help you financially? Know these things before you head to college, not after.

2. Stick to a healthy lifestyle. You must have heard everything about the importance of healthy eating, good sleep and regular exercise, and it’s no exaggeration, so make a habit of it. It will stand you in good stead when it comes to the academic year since that is when you will need all your strength and energy.

3. Get in touch with your roommate. It is essential that you get to know one another and agree on the things each of you should bring. Try to sound amiable and respectful; high chances are that your college roommate will become one of your best friends.

4. Know how you are going to stay in touch with your family, friends and your significant other. Talk about how often you will contact each other.

5. Make sure you buy everything you’ll need to bring. Think of what you will need and check out your college’s website to see what is allowed in the residence hall. But also be careful not to bring too much stuff as you can always buy small items during the year.

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