Nearly every college offers it students a possibility to stay on campus over summer and be engaged in many interesting activities. And while some students may go for this option, spending summer on campus is not appealing to everyone. If you have to choose between living on campus during summer and going home, there are some aspects you must take into account. Check out this advice from .

Staying on campus during summer is a wise choice when you have to take summer classes or want to do an internship with some company in the neighborhood. Obviously, this way you will save much time and money since you won’t have to spend them on getting to and from college.

You should consider whether it is possible to find a summer job on campus or, if you already work on campus, whether you can retain this job. Remember you will have to pay for food and accommodation. Perhaps it would be cheaper to stay at home where you don’t have to spend money on housing? Also find out about job opportunities in your home town and see if they are better than those offered on campus.

An important point to take into account is your relationship with your family and your significant other. If they will not object to the fact you will be away for three months, you may stay on campus with a light heart. However, if you feel that such long absence can harm your relationships, then by all means, go home.

Remember that summer campus is different from what you have accustomed to during the academic year. Most of your coursemates are away on holiday (and professors probably too) and most offices are closed. Throughout summer, schools host international students, organize summer camps and conferences. You will face a completely new atmosphere, but you will also have an opportunity to get to know new people and gain new experiences.

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