Ideally, you would like to move into your own apartment, get a prestigious and rewarding job and enjoy independence right after graduation. Nonetheless, college graduates often have to live with their family for a few months or even years. There are various reasons why they may have to do it, and sure, such a situation is far from perfect. But staying with your family after college is not the end of the world. Just remember that it is temporary and things will change soon.

You definitely can make the stay with your family easier and more pleasant by following these tips from

  • You should respect each other’s privacy. Nobody likes when people read their private letters, cut in on their private conversation and enter their room without knocking. And your parents or younger siblings also want to have that privacy.
  • Make sure to discuss the financial aspect. Since you are living with your parents, it seems only reasonable that you contribute to the household, i.e. buy food, pay some bills and help around the house. Plus your family will definitely treat you not as their baby but as a self-reliant adult.
  • Know how long you intend to stay in your family’s house and let your mom and dad know too. When that time is over, discuss it with your parents again – regardless of whether you want to stay longer or move out.
  • You should not regard the time when you are staying with your folks as a pause in your life. You can still live it to the full: work, meet up with your friends, travel and date. Do not avoid life just because you are not living on your own.
  • Finally, try to benefit from this stay at your beloved home. Learn some of your mom’s best recipes, ask your dad what is his secret of maintaining order in the house and advise your siblings on their problems. Enjoy every minute spent with your family – these are the most precious moments in life.
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