How to Stay in Touch with Family Being a Student

Entering college is a big step in the life of any student. And with all those classes, tasks, new experiences, and busy social life, staying in touch with family is often the last thing they think about. But maintaining relationship with your family should not be neglected no matter what. And it does not take as much time and effort as you might think.

Just try these ideas for staying in touch with family from and see yourself

  • Call your parents regularly and take their calls as well. This does not mean you should phone them every day and tell everything that happened to you on that day. But a phone conversation now and then will keep them updated about what is going on with you.
  • Use technology to communicate with your family. You might have only used Facebook, Twitter and Skype to keep in contact with your friends before you went to college. But the social media are a great way to let your people hear from you when you don’t have time to call.
  • Another option is sending text messages. It wouldn’t replace a real conversation, but it shows that you remember about you nearest and dearest. They will appreciate it for sure. Just don’t use acronyms – your parents might not understand them.
  • An excellent idea is to send hand-written letters and hand-made cards. And don’t think of it as old hat. Your parents and siblings will be super delighted to receive something “real” from you. Also send them small presents even if there is no special occasion.
  • Finally, try to visit home when it’s a birthday of one of the family members, your parents’ wedding anniversary or another special occasion. It may even be a surprise visit. Your folks will be overjoyed to see you!
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