Have you ever been told that student life is the best time in your entire life? Usually, such people skip the part with the evidence. They simply start to convince you of this fact. Yet, the main point will be that you won’t understand until you try it. Today, we will slightly open the curtain in order to show what is so special about being a student.

20 things you can do as a student:

  1. Go to classes in your onesie or pajamas. No one really cares what you are wearing.
  2. Stay hungry in 30 minutes after having breakfast. I agree that chocolate crunches with milk were adorable. Yet, you still have 4 hours before lunch.
  3. Become a cooking queen. If you know how to bake, everyone in the dormitory is at your feet.
  4. Enjoy 7 hours of sleep. Yes, you’re a lucky one if you manage to sleep that long.
  5. Take naps in the afternoon. Gorgeous, saving naps.
  6. Adore summer holidays. You will definitely appreciate those weeks of doing nothing.
  7. Try fluorescent drinks. Ordinary beer won’t be enough.
  8. Pass notes like a ninja. Especially, when it’s an angry note about your professor.
  9. Pay mere pennies for rent because you live with a load of mates.
  10. Read the entire week. Yes, such assignments do exist.
  11. Dress weird costumes. Don’t count parties and festivals with the dress code.
  12. Eat instant noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s an exam time, mate.
  13. Don’t pay the full price for almost everything. Student discount program is the best!
  14. Apply for any grant or scholarship to shorten your student loan.
  15. Watch TV all weekend. These precious days of Netflix.
  16. Learn how not to wash your clothes. The washing machine is not always affordable for a student.
  17. Realize that punctuality matters. The professor will tell you how not to be late.
  18. Decide whether you go to classes. Unless you face the consequences of skipping a seminar.
  19. Live without central heating. It’s so expensive!
  20. Get almost free cheeseburgers at McDonald’s. They will seem the incomparable meal after instant noodles.
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