The contemporary globalized world opened doors for international education. Every year more and more students leave their countries to receive education abroad and gain new experience. Many international students feel a bit “lost” in the new place, so the following article was composed to give some basic advice for those who just arrived into a new country.

How to Be Successful in Academic Life Abroad

In the beginning, many international students experience certain difficulties in listening to professors and comprehending their words. A new accent or a fast- talking lecturer can bring some troubles into the understanding of the language. With time your ears will “get used” to comprehend everything perfectly, but in the beginning, you can help yourself by studying the subject of the lecture in advance. For instance, you can read the article about Shakespeare prior to the literature class devoted to him just to be acquainted with the vocabulary and information your teacher will present.

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions is a very important element of the studying process, and, in fact, professors enjoy answering various questions. Of course, try not to overwhelm or distract professors on a regular basis.
  • Communicate with your classmates. If you did not understand something from the presented information but hesitated to ask professor, you can always talk to other students. Discuss the topic with some of your classmates. In such a way, you may get more explanations and establish new acquaintances.
  • Use outside help if needed. If you experience problems with writing assignments (grammar, structure, word choice, etc.), you can always ask to proofread your paper. Many universities have writing centers for international students. In addition, you can use the following resource to order editing of your paper or a customized template.

How to Become Successful in Social Life

If you want to become successful in social life, you should not be afraid to interact with different people. Most likely, your university has an international community of students, so this is the first place where you can find friends. Nevertheless, be careful not to limit your communication with local people.

Read articles on intercultural communication. Remember that you are in a different country with different culture and sometimes you may offend people without even realizing that.
Be brave. The life of an international student is very interesting and is full of new experiences. Do not be afraid to interact with the surrounding world. We hope that these pieces of advice for international students will help you to survive the first days in a new country without getting too much stress.

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