Technology (part 1)

In tremendous contrast to the life a few years ago it can be seen that our life largely depends upon technology. We get surprised when we see an eight or nine year kid easily using a mobile phone. Nowadays almost all children we see on the street have one and it is just an example of how increasingly technology influences our lives (Deacon, 2000). But is the technology as positive as we believe?

In one way the technology is advantageous because it is an innovative way to effectively utilize our time. In addition to that that technology aids us work with less effort and also helps us to increase the efficiency of any job up to an extent. In fact, we are indebted to technology; we have made progress in areas such as health, industry, information, communication, which makes life much easier. In addition to all the above mentioned things, the most positive factor of the technology is how in such a small time span we have achieved what has not been able to secure from the time earth came into existence (Deacon, 2000).

On second thought we will have to agree with the fact that technology is a complex subject that not everyone could comprehend. There is a big difficulty in adapting to technology by society. For this generation, technology is something that is part and parcel of our lives since childhood, yet for the older generation it is something new to what they should get used to.

In a nut shell we can say that the technology is still in a process of development, but one thing is clear, that technology will continue to be the base of our lives in the future and its impact will have positive and negative effects in the society.

One bad effect of technology on life is that with more technology placing barriers between people, face to face meetings happen less. This small, simple change leads to a whole host of very serious problems with society in general. People are becoming lazier; choosing to stay at home and play video games than go to a basketball game or get together with friends like our previous generation did(Frone et al,1992).

In addition to that, the new issues that are created because of technology gives those who are most affected by them a degrading sense of integrity in their province. In reality, it is this lack of pride that has ignited many of the anti-development feelings that are felt and publicized by people(Deacon, 2000).

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