Technology (part 2)

All technology is NOT GOOD OR BAD as such but we should be cautious enough so that we don’t become so obsessed with our own creations. Today many people prefer to work at home in front of computers. Work-home conflict, often described in terms of an inter role conflict in which the stress from the job and family areas are mutually exclusive has been connected to several stress oriented, work-oriented and non work-oriented outcomes Anyhow there is, still a lack of deep knowledge about the things that may lie beneath the interaction between job and personal life, and its relationships with employee health and life. Thus an in depth, research on work from home issues has not been supported by a sound and integrated theoretical framework but essentially by role stress theory (Burke and Greenglass, 1999).From this new perspective, researchers have maintained that involvement in one role prohibits involvement in another role and that mental strain essentially increases when people get involved in multiple strenuous activities (Deacon, 2000). Ultimately, a large portion of research connects with the possible reasons and consequences of conflict (also referred to as interference or negative spillover) between work and private life, whereas only few studies consider facts that may increase positive interaction (also termed to as facilitation or positive spillover) between both domains. The workers may also benefit from getting involved in multiple platforms, and these advantages may ultimately triumph over the difficulties. For example, marital quality is an important factor related to job-stress and working mothers compared to working women without children seem to have a life with greater joy and quality environment in their families. In addition to that, involving in multiple activities can also be associated with additional resources like social contacts, money, skills and opportunities that might improve or facilitate operation in each area.

While there are many challenges for home workers, it is time we are seeing the beginning of a “reversal” trend. Here is a list of some challenges our society faces currently:

Kids care – in our “job is the most important” society we often depend strangers for caring our kids in kindergarten, boarding schools, and several other institutions. In these places our children will not obtain the same amount of care and love they deserve and always desire;

Care for the older generation – our jobs often distant us from our old parents in the hour of need. In most of the cases we will not be able to care for our parents, grand parents or close friends, because we live in different provinces or even countries for instance;

Atmosphere – many of us spend long time every day alone in cars or on trams – not explicitly alone, but much isolated – and contribute to the bitter loneliness that always linger in our heart and souls.

Many more examples can be provided. This whole scenario began with the “Industrial Revolution” started some two hundred years ago. Some of us may even remember a period when 3 or 4 generations of a family lived inside a single house. People worked in nearby places, baby sitting or family care always “just” happened .It was a very important factor considering human relations (Deacon, 2000). If we think about today’ single parent families and its effect on the kids, we will be forced to believe that it was a good thing, and that is the single reason why lot of parents prefer working from home as a means to earn living i.e. is to provide a healthy family atmosphere for their beloved ones.

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