In the course of life, we deal with various people in a wide range of situations and you will probably agree that persuading others to do something that is of your interest is a useful skill. However, not everyone is capable of turning other people into following his/her will, so this is something you should learn to do. It is not magic; it is a tactic, from which you can benefit.

How to Find the Ways to Persuade Others

At first people have to think that it is their idea
They are much more eager to fulfill their own ideas than those of someone else. Instead of claiming that you need something to be upgraded at work, make a hint to your colleagues and wait until they bring up the idea of the same upgrade.

Another effective way to persuade others is to start asking for favors. According to the studies, when you ask a person for a favor, he or she is more likely to help you out in the future.

Ask for too much, then you will be guaranteed to get at least part of it. It is one of the best influence tactics, since people usually feel slight guilt when they turn down a request, so they will try to do at least some part of it to you.

Don’t sabotage yourself. We often become discouraged and think that we lack something. For example, people often think that they do not have enough talent, or skills, or time. Forget about this.

Appreciate sincerely, people usually feel when you are openhearted and will help you.

Ask questions instead of making orders and remember that people are more agreeable when they are asked, not ordered.

Find something in common. This will give you some points before you ask people for a favor. Listen to people attentively and they will like you more.

You should set specific standards, so people will subconsciously tend to meet them. At the same time, expect the best from the people because they feel it.

Do not forget and use people’s names, they like being remembered. Pay special attention to the names of people when you are being introduced for the first time.

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