With the Presidents’ Day approaching, many online services began posting articles about presidents day history and movies, counting funny or interesting moments of their campaigns. However, we have never seen an article on first ladies devoted to the president’s day. And you know what they say: there is always a strong woman behind every successful man.

So today we are going to focus on 10 most inspirational and influential first ladies if the USA. We have used the Mojo video as out inspiration, however, we would like to provide a fuller explanation of why these ladies are hitting the list.

First Ladies of  the US

# 10: Michael Obama

We can safely say that she could be the most accomplished first lady in terms of her education and career as the First Lady. Having a degree in sociology and law, she worked in a corporate law firm (where she met Barack), before switching to the public services and doing some high-profile job. She worked a lot on behalf of her husband, serving as an inspiration and amazing role model for many communities. Mrs. Obama has focused on education, military support, women empowerment and campaign against childhood obesity, but she will be remembered for so much more.

# 9 Edith Wilson

Of the things this lady is famous for, is actually taking control of the whole country on behalf of her husband when he had a stroke. She was the second wife of Woodrow Wilson (by the moment they were introduced to each other, they have already been widowed).Not only she accompanied her husband in his trips to Europe during the First World War, but she served as his personal assistance reading every single paper sent to Mr.President (however she claims not to make any decisions on her own at the time her husband was partially paralyzed).

# 8 Dolley Madison

We had to include Mrs.Madison in the list, as she has established to the template of the role and helped her husband through the times of the War in 1812. Not only she was a great help to her own husband in the time of his presidency, but she is also known for her help to Thomas Jefferson (the 3rd President of the United States). She was said to be smart, universally liked and she was the one who saved treasured like the portrait of G.Washington when the Capitol was captured.

# 7 Nancy Reagan

Not only was she famous for her “Just Say No’ anti-drug campaign, but this first lady was known for taking care of art programs. After an attempt of assassination on her husband, she took care of his itinerary even though it cost the resignation of the WH Chief of Staff Donald Regan. After her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she established an awareness campaign to help people with this diagnosis and advocated the stem-cell research and published several books.

# 6  Lady Bird Jonson

Not only was she famous for women’s rights advocacy, but she can definitely participate in the contest for the nomination of the most educated first lady in the world. Her legacy includes beautification of Washington, D.C; conservation and participation in the civil right movement. She actively supported the adoption of  Civil Rights Act in 1964.

# 5 Jacqueline Kennedy

Jackie is said to be one of the prettiest first ladies in the USA, while she was also one of the youngest. Despite her short tenure, she is well known as a fashion icon of her time as well as an art and history preservation activist. She also went to a great length to transform White House into the museum of American history. And she was one of the First Ladies who actively traveled both with her husband and alone (don’t forget she spoke Italian, French and Spanish fluently).

And if you ever decide to watch this first lady movie with Nataly Portman, I beg you not to. This movie does no justice to who Jackie O. real was.

# 4 Rosalynn Carter

Not only this Lady took part in cabinet meetings, but she also served as her husband’s personal advisor on both foreign and domestic affairs and was one of the first wives who had their own campaign promise: taking care of the mentally ill and their welfare. She also traveled to different meetings on behalf go her husband and participated as an advocate of Mental Health Systems Bill, as well as reviewed the federal programs for elderly.

After leaving the White House, she published several books, followed her charitable work with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and advocated numerous issues like early childhood immunization.

# 3 Betty Ford

Not only she fought for women equality, but she is also well known for raising awareness again breast cancer. Beet ford was known for both her opens and strong opinions on many subjects. despite the criticism from the Conservatives, Americans liked how Betty was open about many issues and she even was named the woman of the year by TIME magazine in 1975.

after leaving the White House, she founded the rehab center for people with chemical addictions, to help them and show that there are hope and light.

# 2 Hillary Clinton

Okay, Hillary can undoubtedly be called the most powerful first lady in history, as she served two terms with grace and dignity no matter what. Despite the scandal, she was focused on the important issues, announced bit on the presidency in 2008, and inspire of loosing to Barack Obama, she was granted a seat as a Secretary of state.

This first lady was both valued partner to her husband and a strong political future on her own.

# 1 Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the most famous first ladies in the world, she dramatically changed the role of the First lady switching from hostess to political activist. Despite the polio attack of her husband, she stepped up and acted as an advocate on both civil and human rights, as well as woman rights and children’s causes. She wrote a daily column in the newspaper, spoke in the conferences and even after leaving the White House she took part in United Nations General Assembly where she was a part of the group that drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

First Ladies Movies

While there are very few movies portraying strong women of this world, there are even fewer movies that focus on first ladies of US. Apart from Jackie and the Betty Ford Story, there is also First Lady from 1937. However, you can check out the lists of movies about US presidents where some of the great ladies were portrayed.

As we can see, the role of the First Lady is not the easy one, however, these women not only handled it with grace but managed to be successful in it. Do you agree with our list? Did we miss anyone important? Let us know!

Pssst, we are not going to include Melania Trump, as she is still the first lady and it is very little we can say about her being the Lady of the USA. However, if we apply the saying ‘the president. the first lady’. But if you need an essay on Melania Trump as a first lady, we definitely can write one for you!

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