Obviously, summer break is for rest; it is time to travel, hang out with your friends, enjoy the company of your family and simply have fun. Nevertheless, many students choose to work during summer as it is a great opportunity to get some extra money, improve the existing skills and acquire some new ones. If you are one of those students, do not hesitate: there are many job options for students, and you will definitely find something suitable for you.

Here are some suggestions on summer jobs for students from

1. Freelance writer. This is an ideal job for those who have an aptitude for languages and written word and those who are not sick and tired of all the writing they had to complete during the academic year. You could work for a website, advertising agency, translation agency, etc. Such a job enables you to polish your writing, speaking and reading skills, which are crucial almost for any career.

2. Customer service representative. If you are sociable, amiable and possess excellent communication skills, why not to try working as a customer service representative? It implies regular interaction with clients, and this is an essential aspect of other jobs you may pursue after graduation (even though it may be tiresome sometimes). Plus it is usually rather well paid.

3. Babysitter. It may sound easy – but babysitting is one of the most challenging and demanding jobs. However, if you genuinely love children and get along with them easily, this option is for you. Most probably, at least a couple of families in your neighborhood need a babysitter, so you won’t have to go far to find a job.

4. Bartender. Non-stop parties and bustling nightlife – if this is how you want to spend your summer, choose the job of a bartender. While working night hours can be exhausting, fun atmosphere and generous tips make up for that.

5. Fitness trainer. It is a perfect summer job for all fitness and sport aficionados since it gives you an opportunity to earn some cash, stay in shape and be healthy at the same time.

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