US History Book Review (part 1)

Jordan, Winthrop D. The White Man’s Burden: Historical Origins of Racism in the United States. New York: Oxford University Press, 1974.

Racism has been in the world from a very long time. It started of from the first people on the earth Adam and Eve who gave birth to black and white children. The fight between them is the foundation of all the acts that have followed in the act of racism. America was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. The Europeans came here to rule and not to understand what the people of there did or lived. They first made Native Americans slave and then with the advent of the Africans into the American society the slavery started to take place which in the end was the result of the racism.

Long history of America states that White men have always dictated terms on the Blacks for various reasons and theories which generated from time to time in order to clearly devise the difference between them. In this book Jordan has tried to determine the various reasons for which the Blacks have been considered at the lowest level and why they are still considered as those who don’t have a right to live in this world freely (Jordan, 1974). In the late 18th
century, the problems have increased to be at maximum. America was divided into two main divisions where one wanted the Blacks to be slave all their lives and treating them inhumanly and the other group however, was against the slavery. This initiated the War of Independence in the middle of 19th
century which led to certain provisions in the law which gave the Blacks equal rights but the racism still exists.

Jordan states (1974) that, “people have created many theories about the Blacks in order to tease them for being Black” (p. 55). He also stated (1974) that, “the people from the early part of Europe who came here considered Blacks as black because they were cursed by the god for their actions which are not good; therefore they don’t deserve good as well” (p. 49). White men believed that they are White because god is happy with the way they have lived and how they pray in front of him. This was more a theory than an ideology of the people. This theory however, started to emerge as the source of the differences and for no reason only on the wrong perceptions Blacks were treated badly. They were not given their right of living free at all (Jordan, 1974). In the earlier days when the slavery was not so popular the Blacks were still mistreated as various incidents of beating took place at various places. If some disaster happens like thunderstorm or something else Blacks were accused of being the reason for that. This critically stereotyped that Blacks don’t have the right to live free. They were than made slaves. Slavery flourished in all parts of the America where they were treated like animals.

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