US History Book Review (part 2)

Another reason for why Blacks were considered like animals because of the discovery of the apes at that time. The black color of apes and the black color of Blacks was the inspirational source for the Whites to consider them like animals or another theory which originated at that time was that these apes are Black men who have turned into apes because the god is unhappy with them or they both are related to each other. These theories took the center stage from time to time and let people believe that if they are teasing Blacks they are making god happy. These stories prevailed from nothing to everything. Jordan states that White men always had the business in mind. When they left Europe in search of land they were only looking for a good possibility of trades and nothing more. At one place he has quoted that, “The Europeans were of the view that only they have the right to live free and that caused them think themselves as superior to other” (p.77). In fact this was similar in Africa as well where other Europeans even killed the natives just because sometimes they gave resistance to them. “The Black people had acquired the miserable living right after the expeditions of the Europeans in various parts of the world” quoted by Jordan (p.87). He also described the dominance of Europeans as, “The Asians including Chinese were treated as the same way with various stereotyping and misinterpretations” (p.112). This situation of searching for the opportunity led them to these Blacks and due the weapons and powers they had established they took control of the Blacks and labeled them with various names and types and said them Blacks for various reasons and accusations. All of these accusations were used to build there business in those lands where the Blacks were in majority. They were all looking to take advantage of the properties of the Blacks and another main reason was the achievement of the free labor that they got when they made Blacks slaves (Jordan, 1974). The history of America is filled with all those things happening around the Blacks. The relationship between the Blacks and whites has seen various ups and downs but the racism is present there all the time. Consider the situation of the War of Independence when the fights were going around in all parts of the country just to get the control over the Blacks for slavery. This depicts the hatred that is present in the minds of Whites against the Blacks.

There were other notions also present which made the Blacks the most regrettable creatures on the earth. They were also thought to have suffered from leprosy which was considered as the deadliest disease at that time. This also caused the repelling effect between Blacks and Whites for many more years.

Jordan has expertly stated the mentality of the Whites who considered themselves educated and responsible for the progress of the world. They never understood the real meaning of the human kind and human generation but they always continued to terror others all the way. The burden of not being White has cost millions of Blacks and other ethnic people to grow in a low level all their lives (Jordan, 1974). Whether they are Black or Native, Latin or Asian all of them have been mistreated many times in all the history by these European people. The killings and beatings have made the new White to always believe that they are superior to the others all the times. They have been managed to control the power of the world and in doing so they have changed the culture of all the human beings.

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