US History Book Review (part 3)

The history of United States of America after the Independence War depicts the facts about how the new America has taken the others into their culture. No change has taken place. Though slavery has ended but by no means the Blacks has been able to get the complete package of their rights which really belong to them as being a free human being who wants to live freely in this world (Jordan, 1974). Entering into the 20th century was never different anytime where more and more campaigns have started against the Blacks as being the poorest creatures on earth.

Various wars have also taken place due to this racism. No one says that the action is taken due to racism but the main reason is the racism where the Whites don’t want to see others to progress in the world. Sometimes this racism has got into the religious and beliefs as well but by no means is the racism finished in the America. Today when we observe the situation of the America as being a common place of people from diverse cultures there are still many areas of interest present where the equal rights are not observed (Jordan, 1974). Even the government and police authorities are sometimes portraying the acts of racism where they are given the permission to beat the convict especially Blacks in some states only on the basis of doubts. This is because of the history of the United States where Whites still think of themselves as the best creatures on the earth and the other people are just mere pieces of heaps and they don’t have the right to live according to their satisfaction.

Jordan has implemented his great strength of determining the exact facts which have made this happen to the Blacks and others in this world. He has determined facts with examples that the history has allowed the people today to stereotype the Blacks as unintelligent, irresponsible and most hated creatures of mankind and they should not be given any rights by them as well. It is the curse that is given to them by god and they should remain like this all their lives. The racism today has led to loss of lives of many people who didn’t know why they were killed at first place.

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