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When you need help with writing, it is time to stop take your breath. You can find a solution even in the most difficult situation. This is why it is worth considering the advantages of our VIP writing services. Just place an order with us, or order our VIP essay services online, and no one will ever know you have ordered your paper from Our premium writers work 24/7 to make sure that every customer receives his or her paper without any delay. You are our top priority, and we are eager to prove it now!

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Order your VIP-level paper, essay, or other writing services, and enjoy the diversity of privileges available to our VIP clients. Extended revisions, SMS notifications, additional plagiarism reports, and so on.

VIP Assistance from Premium Writers

All VIP essay services are provided by a team of writers and case managers who monitor the progress of your order to make sure it is finished on time. We guarantee that your VIP paper will receive our most exquisite attention.
As our VIP client, you will have your papers written by one of our top 10 writers. All VIP writing services are provided by the most experienced, educated, and qualified specialists in our team. We will select a professional who specializes in your subject. They will provide you with your ideal paper without any delay.

Top 10 Writers

Your order will be assigned to the most experienced writer in the relevant discipline. The highly demanded expert, one of our top-10 writers with the highest rate among the customers.

Hire a TOP Writer

Ask a Qualified Writer and Editor to Write Your Paper!

Beyond premium writers, our VIP writing services imply high-quality editing and proofreading. In essence, it means that we will assign one of our top editors to review and check on your work. We will do it before the paper is sent to you. We just want to be sure that your requirements have been followed, and you will earn the highest grade for your work.

Extended Revision

You can request a free revision during the first 4 days after the paper is finished.

SMS Notifications

Our VIP essay services also include free SMS notifications – you will receive text messages when the status of your order changes. You will also know when your paper is finished.

Get VIP Support

VIP Support

VIP Support VIP support ensures that your enquiries will be answered immediately by our Support Team. Extra attention is guaranteed

Get VIP Support

A Full PDF Plagiarism Report

This way, you will have an immediate look into the rate of plagiarism in your paper. Forget about any risks or difficulties associated with plagiarism. You will not have it in your papers, if you sit down to work with us!

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Vip Services

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  • Extended Revision - $2.00

    The proper revision is one more step to make your paper perfect!

  • Top Editor - $3.66

    Your paper is going to be edited by our best and precise editors!

  • VIP Support - $11.55

    As our VIP Client you will get the best support from our Top Specialists!

  • Top Writer - $4.40

    Our best writers are going to offer you the highest quality of paper written!

  • SMS Notification - $3.00

    You will be provided with the instantaneous SMS notifications about your order!

  • Full PDF Plagiarism Report - $5.99

    To be sure we provide you the best quality paper we perform the additional plagiarism check!

Please do not hesitate to contact for more information. Meanwhile, we will be providing you with regular updates on your paper’s status. Our live agents will also give you enough information to evaluate the progress of your work. Just try our VIP services now!

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Every time makes my paper, the results are always awesome. This one is not an exception. -Thanks for making my university life so much easier.

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My writer, 16842, is absolutely wonderful! I will use him from now on!

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A great writer was provided me and I am forever grateful!

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I received a productive and innovative writer who produced an outstanding presentation for me. You have my unqualified recommendation!

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Your company is professional and ethical. I never worry about anything a writer produced for me because that writer and I converse as it is written – You will have all of my business!

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