The studying process is almost over. Time for freedom and having fun! A chance to travel, which is usually a kind of very active rest. Are you sure you will have enough strengths to perceive information about new lands and meet new people right after exhausting finals? Undoubtedly, you will, but warns you to keep in mind some aspects, which will help you to stay alert during your trips:

    • Slow down. Very often moving at a very rapid pace can cause a travel fatigue. If you plan too many activities, it is high time to make cross-out on your epic to-do list. The best strategy is to eliminate those places you plan to visit just in order to take a photo and experience such things as walking tours by locals, hikes, etc.


    • Relax on the road. In addition to special gadgets that are able to help you have a rest during your trip, it is advisable also to use a special eye mask to avoid light while sleeping. Also lavender spray spread over the pillow before sleeping will help to relax. Simple shutting down of all screens two hours before going to bed as well as having a cup of chamomile tea will do miracles to your body.


    • Stay healthy. There is a sound mind in a sound body. In order to have a sound mind to perceive the richness of the world during your travelling, it is important to keep fit. From time to time choose ”sight-running” instead of sightseeing. Often take walks or bike rides, for example, to the local farmers’ market to buy healthy food.


  • Do the things you want. You are free to choose the way you will spend your free time, so if you prefer a usual picnic in the park to going to Paris, do not feel guilty for that. Life is too short just to follow the guidebook.

Anyway, the best way to avoid fatigue during your trips is not to overload yourself during your studying. You can, for instance, delegate doing part of your homework to . Be sure that we are experts on academic writing so you will be surprised by the result.

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