You Can Be a Good Listener Just Try

Most people cannot boast of their listening skills. We tend to think of listening as something not really important. It is speaking that we prioritize. With our hectic life, we usually do not have the time to pay attention to what others say and focus on our own point. Nonetheless, good listening skills are absolutely critical for effective communication.

For those who cannot call themselves good listeners, gives the following tips:

  • Don’t talk too much. You must concentrate on what the person you’re talking to says. You cannot listen and pick the words for you response at the same time.
  • Let the person know you are listening to him/her by adjusting your body posture and nodding. Do not forget to maintain eye contact (which does not mean you should stare at the speaker all the time; just turn your eyes on him/her now and then).
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions if you missed or did not understand something. This will show your interlocutor that you pay attention to what is being said and that you are genuinely interested in the subject.
  • Never interrupt. This is by far the worst thing you can do during a conversation since it indicates that you consider you own opinion on the matter the most important. Wait for the speaker to finish what he/she is saying before you state your viewpoint.
  • Refrain from giving advice – unless you are asked to. It may be that the person merely wants to share his/her thoughts or worries, and does not need your guidance.
  • Do not judge the speaker by his/her speech or looks. Chances are you will not pay attention to what the person talks about if you see him/her as unintelligent or misinformed. Make conclusions only after you hear the whole message.

Remember that if you really want to establish strong connections with others, you must develop listening skills. Being a good listener can go a long way towards building strong bonds with people.

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