Nowadays world seems to be too overwhelming. Everybody is busy with thousands of problems and thoughts. Rushing somewhere all the time we forget that life is happening at the moment. In fact, everything depends on us which way to choose – whether we learn to enjoy life or continue existence under the pressure of everyday routine which is inside of our heads actually. If you choose to live a better life, will help you to start it by using these useful tips:
Start your day with doing your most important and difficult task. Set your timer for half an hour and work without stopping until time is up. You will have progress and will feel less fear to take another step.

Get organized. Eliminate all the rubbish around you. This is not the question of perfection, but the question of efficiency and saving your time and energy. At the end of your working day spend 10 minutes to clean your desk and form three most important tasks for the next day.

Live today. No matter what happens, fight the problems of only one day. Taking to consideration yesterday’s sorrows and the things that might happen tomorrow is exhausting and useless.

Concentrate on the task. Focus on productivity of your work, but not on the process of being busy. Do not distract.

Change the scene. A different place of your work gives a different perspective and might inspire. Choose a different sitting posture or go to the fresh air to work. Change the view.

Pay attention only to the most important things. Do not overwork yourself. It is worth sometimes to say “no” to somebody in order to say “yes” to yourself. Learn to follow your own stream.

Keep in mind that you are good. Record all your successful moments in your journal of achievements. Visualize the result you want to have.

Be generous. Help homeless people, support the elderly. Give not in order to get back, but with the aim to make this world a better place to live. Those little deeds will make you be proud of yourself.

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