The way you collaborate with professors may determine the whole college experience inside the classroom as well as outside of it. Cultivating good relationship with instructors in college may benefit even in your future career. But how to develop proper relationships?
Standing out in its positive meaning is the key to success in this situation. offers you the examples of behaviors that professors appreciate:
Introducing Yourself at the Beginning of the Course. First impression matters. Typical semester is rather short, so it is important to hurry up to make a good impression on your professor. So right after the first class approach your new professor and introduce yourself. Mention your name and some of your background. The excitement concerning the subject ahead is also advisable. You should smile and keep an eye contact with the professor while speaking. This kind of introduction implies respect and professionalism.
Interaction Outside the Classroom. Professors prefer engaged and active students sitting in front rows of a classroom. In order to demonstrate your enthusiasm it is important to actively pay attention. Even though instructors do not reveal this, they do notice those students who are off the topic. Professors appreciate those students that are eager to communicate about the subject outside sessions. It means that the student cares about the academic performance and the course itself. Discuss with the professor means of your communication. It can be either a talk after classes or communication over e-mail.
Interest in their achievements. Usually professors are involved in research projects. They also write books and get awards for their achievements. Unfortunately, professors are rarely asked about these things, because they would talk about it for hours. When a student is interested in the professional life of his instructor, it conveys that he cares about the sphere the professor devotes his or her life to. It is also advisable to congratulate your professors on their academic or professional goals. It will be impressive that you are aware of their work and follow their achievements.
Showing respect. This seems obvious, but emphasis must be placed on the fact that professors appreciate that students are polite and respectful. Watch out your manners and mind others inside as well as outside the classroom. Habits to demonstrate respect are the following: greeting your professor and gratitude for the class, being on time for the class and so on. Also mind that being formal while speaking or emailing your professor is also important as formality conveys professionalism and respect. Another sign of respect towards your professor can be expressed by handing in essays and research papers of excellent quality which can be ordered at . So you are welcome to please your professor!

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