Summer vacation is what all college students look forward to. After a long academic year, loads of assignments, tests and exams, a long summer break is what they need to revive. Most students already know how they will spend their summer vacation before it starts.

However, if you still have not made up your mind what to do, here are some ways to spend your summer vacation from

  • Go home and stay with your folks. Just admit it, you don’t really spend much time with your friends and family during the academic year, which is perfectly understandable. But now that you have a whole three-month break, there are no excuses.
  • Get a job – one that will help you get some new skills, one that will be worth mentioning in your CV, or one that is well paid. Or find an “all-in-one” option. You may also consider getting an on-campus job – these usually do not require much time and efforts but still allow you to earn some cash.
  • Read some proper books – those that you have always wanted to read but had no opportunity to. It can be a classical novel, a techno-thriller or chick lit – the point is to actually enjoy reading.
  • Set a workout routine. Summer break is a perfect time to do it since you have plenty of time to yourself. Regular morning jogs, exercising in a gym and playing tennis (or whatever) will help you to stay in shape and get back to school full of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Travel. Due to various student programs and discounts available, traveling on a budget is possible for college students. Do not miss the opportunity to go to your dream destination – you may not get it later.




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