The world is rather rich and many-sided and is going to prove you this by stating some interesting facts:

• An ordinary person spends about two weeks of his or her life just waiting for the light to switch from red to green.

“Almost” is the longest word in the English language in which letters are placed in the alphabetical order.

Cockroaches are able to live several weeks with their heads apart.

• You cannot sneeze when your eyes are open. It’s true! Just try!

• Our Earth is the only planet which was not named after some god.

• In order to produce a pound of honey, a bee must visit two million flowers.

• An elephant is the only mammal that is not able to jump.

• There is no naturally occurred food of a blue color. Even a blueberry is purple.

• The tongue of every person is unique as well as fingerprints.

• Just 38 % of Americans have breakfast regularly.

11% of humanity is left handed.

• An average citizen of America spends about 18 months of life watching commercials.

• The oldest chewing gum ever found on Earth is about 9000 years old.

• Among all words of English, the word “set” has the biggest number of definitions.

Bones of a human thigh are stronger than concrete.

• Before adding the food colorant, Coca-Cola is of a green color.

• The representatives of one of the tribes in West Africa use a human skull instead of a ball while playing football.

• A human-being breathes on average 5 million times during a year.

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