Every human being is unique with his/her own worldview and perception of success and life at all. We are different for sure, but one thing is common – we all are striving for something in our lives. The point is what we are looking for and what the purpose of our lives is. When we start our exciting journey which is called adult life, we might be unsure about ourselves, our desires, and intentions. We might have already decided what our life will look like in the next years but we still doubt if we know what we really want from life.

The uncertainty won’t inspire you for sure no matter what are you dealing with. It might seem that you’ve got lost and don’t stand firm right now but that’s okay. What to do when you don’t know what to do? Don’t bother, everyone deals with that, believe me. There is nothing wrong with you, it’s totally okay to have doubts about your real yearnings. I bet everyone has experienced these “moments of uncertainty in their lives.” Don’t even think of starting panic because of that! And don’t say that it’s the worst thing in the world. Don’t know what you want? Keep calm; it does happen to each of us!

If you consider your own uncertainty about life the biggest curse, I’ll disappoint you. Uncertainty about life isn’t a curse, it’s a common thing. Believe or not, but no one knows exactly what he/she wants from life!

Uncertainty isn’t a Curse

The earlier you accept the uncertainty in your life, the better it will be personally for you. What does it mean? It means that things happen in life without your permission and control. Of course, you can control your reaction to anything that happens, but let’s be honest shit happens, and very often, we can’t do anything with that no matter how desperately we are trying. You should admit that you don’t have the answers to some things in life, I’d say even most of them. Of course, it no way means that you shouldn’t make plans and dream about something. It goes about lack of guarantee that everything will be exactly as you’ve planned before. I’d compare our plans for life with the weather forecast. Even if it will be sunny instead of rainy, you should be ready to carry your umbrella and wear sunglasses, or vice versa wearing sunglasses get wet if you’ve left your umbrella at home. Forecasts can be wrong, it happens. Be ready to keep walking paying no attention to the weather, even if your plans and dreams failed to fulfill the way you wanted.

Eleanor Roosevelt said it best:

“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.”

You Should Know Your Direction

I do believe that to know what you want to do with your life isn’t the most important thing. Of course, you might meet people who say that they always knew exactly what they wanted from life. But it’s rather an exception than a rule.

Appetite comes with the eating. Even if you aren’t hungry, you can eat your meal with appetite. You might feel no hunger at first, but then you sit at the table, see that delicious dish served, and then you realize that you want to taste that beef, not the salmon, not the pork, but exactly that roasted beef! And now just think for a moment. Did you know that the beef would be your choice before you sat at the table? It’s totally okay to be uncertain about what you want.

You might have no idea what you really want, but you do need to know what direction to go in. Everyone needs it. You might be uncertain about your exact destination, but you need your own vision where you want to go.

If you don’t have the slightest idea what direction you want to go in life, that’s your task #1, I’d say your goal at this point.

Develop skills you can always rely on

Time is priceless, be sure you don’t waste it. Spend every moment wisely. Work on skills that you need in life. Check out the following essential life skills list:

  1. Self-discipline: Say no to any negative thought in your head. Stop being a lazy-bone, get up and do something! Forget the words “I don’t want to or I can’t.” Those are only your stupid excuses nothing else!
  2. Personal effectiveness: Learn to do everything more Strive for better results. Try to get more things done during the 16-18 hours after you’ve woken up.
  3. Master the art of communication: We mistakenly consider ourselves as good communicators. But unfortunately, we are losers. Reveal yourself the whole world of communication which is both science and art.
  4. Negotiation:We negotiate constantly with everyone, master how to get the best deal.
  5. Persuasion:Master how to get what you want in the most convenient and ethical way.
  6. Flexibility: Moving is much better than sitting all day long behind your computer. Stretch your lower back, hips, calves, and hamstrings— the most common weak points of every desk worker.

Just pick a skill that interests and inspires you, and keep improving yourself. Become better then you were yesterday. Then, pick the next skill from the list. Think of other skills that would be useful for you and keep working on them. Mind to get pleasure and enjoy the whole process while mastering all those skills.

You’ll know what you want, believe me, it takes some time. If you still have no clue what exactly you are striving for, don’t go crazy. There is so much to do and learn. Take it easy. Remember that roasted beef? Maybe it’s just not your table yet? What if it just another one, that one in the Thai restaurant?

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