Raise your hand if it is a tragedy to wake up early in the morning in winter. I have already raised both my hands because it is a complete disaster. When an alarm rings, there is no light outside the window. When I put my hand out the covers, there is a frozen kingdom. Nothing encourages me to jump up from the bed. The only thing I am able to do is to snuggle deeper under a warm cover and set the alarm for five minutes more. Unfortunately, work or study still waits for you in winter. Let’s see what you can do to survive these harsh mornings.

How to wake up easier

1. Drink a glass of water as soon as your alarm goes off. It is not just a healthy way to start your day – cold water rouses up your body.

2. If you are a lucky owner of the coffee maker, set it for the time you wake up in the morning. What can be better than a cup of hot fragrant coffee without getting out of bed?

3. Do not listen to your groggy mind when it is time to wake up. It may sound really convincing, but oversleeping is not what you need. Try to trick your brain by jumping out the bed immediately when you hear the alarm.

4. Sometimes you wake up before the alarm clock rings. Your wise body tells you it is the best time to start your day. You’d better trust yourself, otherwise you will be much drowsier.

5. Prepare an unusual pleasant activity to start your day: enjoy a cup of coffee, read your favorite blog, cook a fancy breakfast, do your hair in a new way. Leave the boring routine for the rest of the day.

6. Start a cold winter morning with an active dance. If you do not have a strong will for a full-time exercise, just turn on your favorite lively song and bop around for a couple of minutes. Voilà, you are full of energy!

7. Taking a shower is helpful. Buy some special invigorating body wash for morning showers. Do not underestimate the power of scents.

I hope this list I have compiled would help you go through winter mornings. If you have your own tips how to deal with this challenge, share with us!

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