People often say that we have to enjoy life. Indeed, how much joy do you get when you burn the midnight oil, trying to learn complex subjects or create something worthy? It brings you a headache, not joy. What is a revitalizing solution? To trick all workaholics and discover the path of least resistance! Do you still believe me? You shouldn’t. My experience has taught me that it’s not enough to have an inherent talent.
I’ve been witty since childhood owing to my parents who instilled curiosity in me. I quickly took a liking to reading, playing the piano, and discovering the rarities. Simultaneously, I hated everything boring and strenuous. Luckily, my years in elementary, middle and high school were effortless due to my good memory and inventiveness. When I was lazy to study, I didn’t do my homework but got B+ anyway.

A Change Arrives

In college, I became more responsible, but my imagination still helped me to earn high grades. Everything changed when I went to graduate school. Surprisingly, I started learning more slowly. Though I had to write a thesis in American Literature I was interested in, it was not enough to express my thoughts daringly. The attainment of the Ph.D. degree required self-discipline I lacked all the time.

Challenging Tasks

Instead of emitting my stream of consciousness, I had to do meticulous research, hunting for valuable information in endless archives of colossal libraries. I started to comprehend that literature consists not only of compelling books I like reading but also of monotonous works I have to investigate to find precious answers and complete my dissertation.
I was confused to find out that my groupmates gradually achieved success, while many pages of my paper remained empty. For the first time in my life, I sensed an inevitable failure, as well as an insight that I need radical changes in my learning habits. I finally understood that my smartness is not enough when I don’t endeavor.

Valuable Advice

There’s only one sound advice I can give you – combine intelligence with dedication. Stop thinking that all famous writers and inventors were genetically gifted. They earned recognition due to the constant improvement of talents. They worked unremittingly like intellectual Titans, making the impossible real.
In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell focuses on the “10,000-hour rule”, which means that great achievements demand much time. Read biographies of Bill Gates and the Beatles, and realize that genius is not inherited – it is nurtured. It’s time for your talents to join a decent team called Hard Work.

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